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The silence Digitalization brought a lot of revolution and a lot of cons. Out of all the cons that it has brought, one of them is the habit of constantly talking/chatting with others; because its free and chat platforms show people as available even if it’s just virtually. In this humdrum and nuances, maybe we have forgotten to enjoy someone’s silence. To stand with someone just near the window and look at the vast sky at 5 AM in the morning while the birds slowly sing their love song, only appears like a distant dream. This entire content might appear as an opinion of someone who is frustrated of humans blabbering, but maybe that’s how it is. Humans these days just want to talk for the sake of talking because apps like whatsapp and messenger show that the person is available and accessible so he or she must answer to “whatsup’’ and “hey” or to some forced joke or philosophy. Nothing takes into account the recipients state of being or mental state. It is even more aggravating when someone’s post or picture makes the sender sad that the recipient has time for posting his/her own content but doesn’t have time to respond. Why should one respond because someone whose mere number is saved feels like having petty conversation and wants to know about their day? Adults have their day to day responsibilities, problems, complexities and many concerns to deal with. Why is it expected to have long conversations daily? I think it is okay to use one’s phone to take pictures, read articles, share them with the world without having to respond to people asking about one’s day and life. I hope there are days once again when we can just look at the sunset together, or merely smile at someone’s statement where that feels enough; or when we can listen to some song together and look at the road ahead, or just feel the crisp October air with some flowers around and enjoy the language of silence. #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writers #love