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#ritsem visade sig från sin bästa sida idag. #vattenfall #northernofsweden #swedishlapland
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Combined roadtrip and creative photography workshop this afternoon with guests from @arctic_retreat. After this a session of northern lightsphotography @aurorasafaricamp with a photographer and a journalists from Holland. #photography #trees #birch #autumn #creative #sweden #swedishlapland #norrbotten #sverige #roadtrip #lapland #blurry
Kungsleden - day 8 (day 7 hiking, last day). morning towards Parte (15km) & Parte to Kvikkjokk in the afternoon (16km). Total : 31km hiking. I woke up early the 8th of September because I still had 31km to go to Kvikkjokk (the end of the North part of Kungsleden) and it was supposed to rain. We were fast, but around 10am it became rocky and we were a little bit slowly specially when descending to Parte. Then afternoon was not difficult, but again you have to be careful when hiking long distances with a 15/20kg backpack. You can feel pain in the muscles so it’s important to listen to your body. I arrived in Kvikkjokk with no pain, and Olaf was in good shape too. We camped close to the STF cabin. I was not able to take the bus the next day because there was only bus the entire day and it was at .. 5.20am .. so I had to wait one day, doing nothing but resting, I went to “bed” early and on Thursday 10th of September I took the bus towards Jokkmokk, then towards Gällivare, then towards Kiruna. Impossible to go back on Thursday evening to the car at Abisko so I had to wait until Friday 11th at 7am to be able to take a bus and go back to Abisko. Finally I found the car ! 183km in 7 days (+1km the first day when we arrived at the parking after 12 hours driving). We hiked an average of 26.1km per day which is really good with a dog and a 17kg backpack. I’m glad we saw these beautiful landscape and that Olaf was still in good shape. #abisko #kungsleden #laponia #swedishlapland #autumncolors #hikingwithdogs #campingwithdogs 🇸🇪🍁🌲