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Amongst all the crazy this year, and even if it wasn’t a crazy year, remember to play just as hard as you work. There needs to be a balance, right?! 🙂💜 Are you taking trips this year or nah?
Our October classes are open for registration and we have a spooky yet sexy lineup for you. Make sure to take your spot before some one else does 🦇 #FemmeFataleFitness #Gym #Ohio #VirtualClasses #OnlineClasses #Pole #Fitness #Dance #Aerial #Hoop #Silks #Lyra #HulaHoop #Classes #Yoga #PiYo #ChairDance #PoleFitness #PoleDance #AerialSilks #AerialHoop #AerialHammock #Workout #Dayton #Schedule #DanceClass #Halloween #Chair #Stilettos #Heels
Starting the week off with some Monday Motivation! All three parts of my health, wellness, and fitness mini series are up on the blog! Let’s get candid about our fitness goals (and struggles!) Currently, I have lost 37 pounds that STAY OFF 😭🙌🏼🙏🏼 and though I am soooo happy I started when I did, it has been a rough 7-ish months 🥴😂 This Motivational Monday, I am manifesting focusing on eating “clean” this week! Comment below and let me know what you are focusing on this week 👇🏼 Love you all! Let’s hit our goals this week! 🥰 Link in bio + blogs under “lifestyle” tab ❣️
Updated body; same worth. Earlier this year, I gained a lot of weight from a fibromyalgia medication that actually helped me significantly with my nerve pain. The only issue is how many people felt the need to tell me that I had gained weight. Even going as far is to say they were “worried about my health” even though I was feeling better than I had in a long time with the appropriate medication. I haven’t had access to a gym since March due to COVID-19 and gyms being closed. And, because of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, most at-home workouts are inaccessible to me and would cause damage to my body. Two months ago, I started doing low-impact PiYo 5 days a week, and I just finished the 8 week program. I haven’t weighed myself, but I know I am in better shape which is the only thing that should matter. You know what I did lose though? The weight of all of the expectations people have put on me. If I am working out 5+ days a week and eating well, I am living a healthy lifestyle. It is NEVER okay to comment to someone about their weight gain. I promise that person was aware of it long before you noticed. Being thin isn’t necessarily a sign of good health. Many thin people don’t exercise or eat well. Acceptable comments when someone posts something about working out are things like, “Keep up the hard work” or “You look so strong.” Commenting on someone’s weight is never okay. #beachbody #piyo #fibromyalgia #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #bodypositivity #fitnessjourney
• CLASSES are back on the schedule starting in October! We will be introducing new classes and new teachers over the next couple of days. OPEN STUDIO time for you to come flow how you want! Classes will be up in the next couple days for preregistration, but mark your calendars now. • PASS SALE from October 1st-31st the 30 day pass is on sale! Original price, $69. Enjoy 30 days of unlimited yoga to try out every class on the schedule. Pass expires November 30th to make room for our Black Friday sales. Limit one pass per customer 💛💛💛
First day back at since.... I wanna say.. May? I'm hoping to get in 30 minutes 3 times a week. Fingers crossed my children cooperate with that plan 🤣 #piyo #piyoyyc #workingonmyfitness #metime #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #yyc
Slow down and take a cleansing breath. Take your "Me Time" Monday night's @bliss_boutique_fitness Friendswood. Monday night's @BLISS 6:00pm Aerial Yoga 7:15pm Peaceful Flow Yoga . See y'all soon! . . 💬Your 1st class is on us, message, call, or use the link in the bio/comments.💬 . BLISS Boutique Fitness Friendswood 313 S Friendswood Dr, 77546 Friendswood 346-319-1108 . . 👇Click the link for more info👇 https://www.vagaro.com/blissboutiquefitness