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Good morning 🌞 Порція ідеального еспресо вже чекає на Вас у кав'ярні @moya_kava1 🤗😉 #moya_kava1#espresso#espressomachine#perfectespressoshots#mrplcity
Shakerato, so mega fein! Espresso Shakerato at my mobile Coffeeshop in Weil Haltingen, what a taste!!! #perfectespressoshots #perfectespresso #espressoshakerato #coffeeaddict #coffeelover #veloziped #centraledelcaffeweil #haltingencityyyy
Dzień dobry kochani! Środę rozpoczynamy od kalibrowania młynka pod idealne espresso, stemplowania kubeczków i przygotowania świeżych kanapek. A Wy? Podzielcie się z nami swoimi porannymi rytuałami 🤔☕️🙋🏼‍♀️ #morningslikethese#morningrituals#helloontuesday#coffeehouse#aurelitacafe#perfectespressoshots#wedoourbestforyou
Coffee goals! Previous months, I’ve made a huge progress in making espresso. On the other hand, I needed to find areas to work on in the longer term, to be sure I’m still learning new things. Today, I want to share with you which topics will be important for me – and probably are crucial for every espresso enthusiast ;) 👉 An ideal espresso I want to have as perfect espresso as I can get, using the gear I have. It means a lot of practising and learning but, well, any sacrifice is worth reaching it, right? Of course, buying some new gear will be necessary – for insance naked portafilter to get better feedback over an extraction. 👉 Sensory skills This one is a new thing for me. I try to recognize tastes in coffee, obviously, but they are rather general ones like: sweat, bitter, sour. Sometimes chocolate or fruity 😃 But this is just a beginning and there are A LOT of tastes to discover and to learn how to enjoy a cup of coffee and distinguish one cup from another. Maybe one day it will help me to start roasting coffee, who knows… 😉 👉 Latte art I haven’t practised it at all on my old coffee machine. Now I can finally use this steam dragon installed to learn latte art. Definitely this one has a minor priority for me as I prefer espresso to milk coffee but it looks stunning and is definitely a skill worth investing in 😊 Next time I will elaborate more on each area: steps I’m planning to take and the steps I’ve taken already. What was working, and what was a bad shot. 😜 If you have plans for your skill growth in coffee pls share! And if you have tips I’m always happy to learn from your experience too! #coffee #tasting #taste #sensoryskills #nouvasimonelli #espresso #coffemachine #latteart #sensorylearning #coffeesensory #learning #learningcoffee #coffeegoals #perfectespressoshots #espressoshot