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Bhagwati (Goddess ) Inspired from the motifs of Mithila / Madhubani folk art from India. Sharing an old digital painting. Though the theme is traditional but composition and presentation is mine so if you want to reproduce please do credit your inspiration. 🙏 @nupurnishith #mithila #madhubani #Goddess #Bhagwati #HinduGod #Maithili #njartist #nyartist #Indianart #indianartartist #instaartist #artistofinstagram #Artist #usaartist #red #illustration #digital #digitalart #digitalillustration #drawing #mandala #artfeature #art #nupurnishith #creativemithila #painting #pattern #color
किसान - kisaan The union government has introduced new ordinances, which will work with private market setups and set prices directly benefiting them whereas this will highly impact the farmers of Punjab who are at a large disadvantage against these corporations. Farming is the main source of income for many Punjabi households, and this will negatively impact the lives of thousands of families who have been farming for generations. Once the private grain market gets established, the traditional market will fade away and these farmers will have nothing leaving them in further debt. Over the past few years, ‘farm debt’ has been one of the main reasons behind farmers and farm labourers committing suicide in Punjab. Farmer groups, state universities’ and government data have indicated that 97% of farmer suicides are taking place in the Malwa region only. Farmers will loose their ability to have access to basic living esstentials in addition to giving up the land that has been passed on for generations in their families. Punjabi farmers have been treated poorly for generations and thousands have lost their lives to the conditions the government has put them and their families in. This is the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors and we are speaking up for all those who need a voice in this moment. Please raise awareness on this issue, share non-profit/charities/organizations that are helping these families. Our voices can make a difference and we will make a difference. If you ate today, thank a farmer.