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Guess who’s 3? It’s one thing to be there, but there’s something about looking at pictures like these of something that JUST happened YESTERDAY that’s so surreal. I’ve watched this girl grow, learn, discover, but it’s not until you stop to reflect on it all in photographs that you realize JUST how big she is now(!), JUST how grand her personality has already become, JUST how heart-arrestingly beautiful she is, and JUST how much her smile lights up everything. Everything. Thanks to her momma, she’d never know she was having a pandemic-impacted birthday. Replete with pancake breakfast, bounce house set-up, new play car, a custom cake hand-made by mom, enough outfit changes to make your heads spin (for who, Colle. FOR WHO?!?!), and a late night, backyard screening of her favorite movie (plus bonfire). Sure we’re ruining her, but in the funnest way possible! (That IS all excessive when you list it out like that...). Happy birthday to the princess! You better be glad your momma is the queen of special days. If it were up to me...maybe a cupcake. MAYBE. . . #3yearsold #birthday #fujifilm #fujix100v #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmusa #fujixseries #fujifeed #fujilove #fuji #fujixshooters #fujixfam #fujifilmglobal #myfujifilm
A “new to us” beach. The trailhead was crowded on this beautiful, sunny day, but nobody seemed to want to brave the steep incline down here. Loving our new forever home.