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Sometimes, a break from your routine is the very thing you need. 🚐 • • • Bevor wir losgefahren sind, war unser Alltag sehr klar strukturiert. Morgens zur Arbeit oder zur Berufsschule, abends vielleicht mal noch schnell zum Sport und dann war der Tag auch schon so ziemlich zu Ende. Eine Struktur im Leben ist nicht schlecht und wir freuen uns darauf auch bald wieder eine zu haben. Es ist aber auch ein sehr schönes Gefühl morgens aufzuwachen und eben noch nicht zu wissen, was man heute macht und was der Tag für einen bereit hält. Diese Spontanität versuchen wir wann immer es geht beizubehalten wenn der Alltag uns wieder einholt. 👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍🔧 • • • #vanlife #campervan #camper #homeiswhereyouparkit #travel #van #roadtrip #vanlifediaries #camping #adventure #camperlife #homeonwheels #vanlifers #nature #vanlifestyle #vanconversion #wanderlust #vanlifemovement #vanlifegermany #projectvanlife #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeeurope #campervanlife
I am sorry we haven't posted in a few days. We built our home in the forest to escape the very real anxieties of the real world for a few days. Sadly, we are back but we will be processing orders again so that's a plus for you ;) . . #ourhouseinthewoods #camping #campingwithkids #futurecat
Hey! I’m Libby! I created this page so that me and my friend could just post about the random, and sometimes redneck antics that we get up to. Growing up in BC, I started camping, fishing, dirt biking, quadding and living life to the fullest at a pretty young age. After my grandparents moved to China, I got the opportunity to visit them when I was 9, which subsequently led to my love of travel and love of the unknown. After going back to China at 17, I knew travelling had my heart. Visiting Thailand with two friend at 18, and going to Vietnam solo at 19, I really honed in on my love. I’m currently doing whatever I can to travel as much as possible, but of course, corona virus has kind of fucked me over on that front. So, as a slight solution, I’ve taken to working my ass off and banking money so that when I can, I can get as far away as possible. I hope you enjoy this page and whatever we end up posting. #outdoors #camping #dirtbiking #travel #travelling #solotravel #helicopter #flynyon #livelaughyeet

Barnard, Vermont

As fall colors begin to paint Vermont's forests, our great outdoors offers front-row seats to one of our most beautiful times of year. @VTStateParks remain a great way to enjoy the season. 📸: @pete.curialle . . #thisisvt #vermontfall #vtphoto #vermont #vt #autumn #camping #getoutside