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Pt 2 "Broken Needle" has beautiful accoustic  sections and wonderful lyrics that touch on the topic of drugs. This really is the emotional highlight of this album as the lyrics demand attention and instrumentation is on point. The ending truly is this album's grand finale. I whole-heartedly believe that this album was ordered perfectly. This album carries a unique atmosphere among Manson album as it brings Manson's sound to the modern age in a world where we need some of Manson's messages more than ever. The album carries Manson's traditional atmosphere of gothness and darkness yet is able to twist it into something unique. Manson's lyrical work on this album is beautiful and deserves one to listen and read them with care. Two other things I have are that "Don't Chase the Dead" reminds me of Blade Runner at times and "We Are Chaos" is strangely in a major key which is strange for Manson. Now the bad. I really don't have that much. Of course I'm going to gripe about the electronic drums that permeate songs such as "Infinite Darkness," "Half-way & One Step Forward," and "Keep My Head Together" but what did you expect. I just think normal drums would've created a much more human sound for Manson's most human album. "Keep My Head Together" also could've used a bit less tambourine during the chorus in the mix. "We Are Chaos," although a great song for the most part, suffers from the problem of sounding a bit rambley at times where vocals and lyrics are concerned. Overall I loved this album and everything it stands for. I love Manson's new musical direction, his new lyrics, his new messages and willingness to experiment with all kinds of music styles, whether it be country or blues. I think its easy for me to say that this is my favorite Manson album post Holy Wood and I look forward to Manson's next work of art (hopefully it will also be named in light of the Joker). Final Score: 88 pounds of makeup out of 100 Favorite Tracks: Paint You With My Love, Infinite Darkness, Perfume, Broken Needle, Red Black and Blue #metalmeme #metalreview #metalfest #metalmemes #metalfestival #mosh #moshpit #marilynmanson #paleemperor #rock #hardrock #rockfest #wearechaos #bladerunner
Album: We Are Chaos Artist: Marilyn Manson Genre: Hard Rock Label: Loma Vista Personel: Marilyn Manson- Vocals, Juan Aderete- bass, Jamie Douglass–drums Ted Kamp-bass, Brandon Pertzborn-drums, Aubrey Richmond–fiddle, John Schreffler -guitars, pedal steel guitar, Paul Wiley–guitars Review: Well I'm back with the pale emperor, God of f^@#">#">@# himself: Marilyn Manson. Over the course of his career, Manson has never failed to entertain, shock and awe audiences into either adoration or pure hatred. Its not every day you hear an artist who can still rock even after being blamed for Columbine. First the good. This album has 10 tracks, and all of them are at least good. Each song on this album has its own unique feel and although I will talk about a few of the highlights, one must listen to the album itself to understand all the interesting little sounds it has to offer. "Red Black and Blue" opens the album up and is by far the most industrial song on the album. The intro, although long, does a wonderful job of building into these great and groove riffs which then build into this explosive chorus that reminds me of Rammstein. "Paint You With My Love" is quite the unique song in that besides the Manson lyrics and vocals, it sounds like a 1950's love song. It's very catchy and could almost be a pop song until the middle when it turns into this at.ospheric and dark middle section which paves the way for the powerful ending that sees Manson return to his classic screams and descends into madness. "Perfume" and "Infinite Darkness" see Manson return to his roots with heavily distorted guitars and an atmosphere of darkness distinguishing the songs. "Perfume" might be my favorite song on the album with its bluesy progressions, catchy and repeated "Get behind me Satan" line, and epic guitar part in the chorus. Speaking of guitars, "Keep My Head Together" and "Solve Coagula" have the only two solos on the album, yet their new school blues twang more than carry their weight for the album. Besides, I'm just glad we got solos on this album because let's be honest, Manson himself is usually the star of the show. Continued in Pt 2