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• Day 26: Are flight and spiritual projection good sub-elements for airbending? 〰️ Yes ✅ • I'm assuming @little_linbeifong didn't mean "astral projection" (which is an energybending technique), but "spiritual projection" (which is, as Jinora put it in S3E4: "In Harm's Way," "a high-level airbender move with a little spiritual stuff thrown in"), so... • I know a lot of people aren't fans of air's sub-elements—perhaps due to their rarity, compared to other elements' sub-elements?—but I like them. I think they're logical sub-elements for airbending. • I love flight as an airbending sub-element because, as I discussed yesterday, detachment is key to understanding air as an element, and the key to flight is "let[ting] go your earthly tether. Enter[ing] the void. Empty[ing] and becom[ing] wind" (S3E12: "Enter the Void"). While, as Yangchen said in S3E19: "Sozin's Comet: Part II: The Old Masters," "many great and wise Air Nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment," the level of detachment needed to achieve flight is one that is almost impossible to reach. It is, in that sense, the "gold standard" of airbending philosophy. I'd even argue that flight, being that it's, essentially, becoming one with the air, is the purest form of airbending. • I also love spiritual projection as an airbending sub-element. While spirituality isn't limited to airbenders, obviously, air is the most spiritual element, and airbenders are the most spiritual populace. It makes sense that the best of a nomadic population could project their spirits out of their bodies to travel to other locations, and that the people who spend all day meditating would be able to focus on another's energy and find them in a metaphysical realm.
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