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Happy Monday! The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Albert Einstein #welloffforever #coachprime #aintnobodycare #smiles #blacklivesmatter #change #cancersucks #mentalhealthawareness
QUEST makes me SUPER HAPPY everytime I Receive a Surprise 💛 This month being my birthday, I heard the engine roar of the FedEx while sunbathing here in Paradise🏖 And to my SURPRISE ✨A Quest insulated Bag ✨woo hoo✨BIG SMILE 🤗 I am on the hunt this week to see who has in stock "Quest Peanut Butter Cups 🥜 Say What?!!" And of course, will place an order on Website with birthday % 💋 QUEST YOU ROCK 🎸 MY WORLD!! #QuestPBCups #QuestSquad #OnAQuest #ad #QuestNutrition @questnutrition #Questy #QuestNutritionFoods #lovemyquest #happy #Smiles #yourock
Our morning started just after 5 with both Littles soaking wet and crying. Bum changes, milk, and snuggles in the big bed and we all fell back to sleep! Woke up at 8:10 feeling refreshed.... right up until I realized the teen was ALSO enjoying the sleeping in. 🙄🙄🙄 So rush morning to get Littles ready so we could take the teen to school, then to kindergym and back home for lunch. Some funny faces and snuggles on the couch, and now it’s nap time. The question is... does Mama get another coffee and get some laundry done? Or does she try and nap too? #babygirl #toddlergirl #smiles #giggles #snuggles #sisters #littles #2under2 #2under18months #17monthsold #7weeksold #mamasgirls #memories #naptime #moments
This face🤣🤣😙🥰 trying to blow a kiss to the cows in the field! • #cheekyface #blowingakiss #baby #babygirl #countryliving #outdoors #happybaby #smiles #watchingthecows #love #babiesofinstagram #cutie #babymodel
"Amizade é algo essencial na vida de cada um. É valioso saber e principalmente preservar. Eu tenho a sorte,de ter um HERÓI incrível como amigo! Amigo esse que acolhe,que abraça,que cuida e incentiva. Me ensinou que a vida é uma "CANÇÃO INFANTIL", que perante as tribulações e adversidades da vida, "Devemos cuidar uns dos outros. Porque essa é a luta das nossas vidas". E o mais importante,que tudo passa! "HAKUNA MATATA"🙌🏾✨ É um dos caras mais humano que conheço. É Generosidade em vida! Tem um coração de ouro! Aí eu te digo... Pra quê, "Steve Rogers" se eu posso contar com Lucas Pucu?! Um abraaaaaaço!🙅🏾‍♂️ Ahhh,queridão! Como eu admiro você e torço para que a vida lhe retribua tudo de melhor, você é merecedor! E com muito orgulho,eu digo que eu tenho o melhor HERÓI do meu lado! E sabe o que é mais incrível?! Ele não está limitado nas telas do cinema ou quadrinhos... Ele é REAL!"💙♥️ Obrigado por tudo!🙏🏾 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #amizade #galabra #projetocapitaoamerica #smiles #happier #gratidao
✨ You can do it! ✨    Listen friend.  I know this year was not what most of us expected it to be.    And I know you’re pulled in so many directions right now.    But you can’t keep up the pace unless you spend some time on YOU.    I’m living that life too, y’all.  Pep talking myself each day.  Knowing that unless I take care of me - I can’t take of them.    I learned this later in life and that’s ok.  Every lesson led me to a greater understanding of setting boundaries.  Saying YES to the things that fueled my body, fed my spirit and freed my soul.    So here I am on this Monday.  Popping by to say     “Yes, you can”    You can set aside time for soul care, for fitness, for feeding your body foods that will energize and keep you well.    And guess what - the ones you love most will learn from you how to do it for themselves too.    I’m here cheering you on.  I’m here walking this path too.  Saying to myself today.    Yes, yes we can!