Oh, this one hurts. I’ll never forget the day we met Eddie. 2020, F you.
Already on a tshirt.
In honor of National Daughters Day - My creative, intelligent, and funny-as-hell Niamh and Vesper. (Neave has decided to use the Irish spelling of her name now, so Niamh).
Challenge accepted, @ohmydarlingcl and @hkadin (love you both!). But I’m gonna change it up a bit, because younger girls kick-ass too! To the next generation of Wonder Women...may you always know your worth in this world.
Merry Half-Christmas!
One of my all-time favorite photos. Happy Father’s Day, Chris. How lucky are our girls to have you as their dad! Xoxo
OMGeeeeeee!! Thank you for the introduction to this one. My tastebuds are so happy. @ashleyberneewells @freakinalltime @lesluneswine
Summer is here!This morning’s bounty from the garden/backyard. #freshfromthegarden #freshfruitsandveggies #summerishere
This spoke to me today. Probably because it’s not my strongest ability.
Happy May Day.
We’re living in a movie.