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Chef | Content creator | Founder @yourfoodlab I make drool worthy food videos everyday! Business 📧: [email protected] https://bit.ly/32YCefx
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Happy Father’s Day to the man who made me who I am. Yes people say that behind every successful man there is a lady but I am so proud to always say that behind everything I have achieved in my life, dad, you have been there, rock solid. We don’t express our love for each other everyday, we both have very strong personal characteristics which collide against each other sometimes, yes we do not agree on many things, yes we both have differences in opinions some times but that does not change the fact that we both love each other a lot. I am not a father yet but I am sure the day I become a father, I will try to be one like you, yes I’ll try. That will be my learning from life. I love you the most dad and like how you have been the rock of our family I promise you that as your son I will add to that strength of our family. I don’t really believe in particular days to express and celebrate but I think it has been really long that I have said what I have felt to you dad. Love you pops ❤️
In the frame- Dad cooking mutton 30 years back & me recreating the recipe on @yourfoodlab & some grabs from the latest YFL video! As a kid, one fond memory of mine is dad cooking some mutton in the kitchen, that excitement and that experience of having mutton cooked by dad is something I believe no other kitchen can replace. Such fond memories has shaped my cooking and my love for it has grown. I have been waiting to cook this on YFL! Finally my dad’s incredible home style mutton recipe is all yours! I have shared this recipe with you guys because I just love this preparation. The subtle things that he has taught me, he does not add whole spices, the flavor & aroma of the fresh garam masala, the fresh ginger garlic chilli coarsely ground paste, the timings of the addition of the ingredients and a lot of patience and all of that father love that he puts into this recipe makes it really special. He always used to cook this when me and my sister where kids and I only used to eat the mutton prepared by him. I then specially learned it from him and I cook it now in the family usually but how much ever I try the one he prepares is unbeatable. This is a must try! Best enjoyed over a Sunday lunch-brunch and a good afternoon sleep! Cheers! P.s. my dad is an amazing cook and a lot of me is him! Thank you dad I love you the most! ❤️ (Please don’t get emotional 🤗🤗) and also mom & dad look so cute together. And mom don’t be angry, you know I have used a lot of your recipes, next time i will do a recipe dedicated to you soon! ❤️❤️#FamilyLove
“Never Kill Your Stupid Idea” My Ted Talk is finally out on the Ted Talks YouTube channel!!! Watch it now!!!! I was traveling in the USA and I received an email from the @tedx_official guys that they wanted me to give a Ted talk at @tedxchandigarh and I immediately knew I wanted to talk about my creator journey and the Never Kill Your Stupid Idea story. It was an amazing experience to give my first Ted talk and it was an honor to be on the TEDx stage. Keep believing in your self and never kill your stupid idea! Watch the full TED talk on TEDx Talks YouTube channel. Link in the bio. P.S. My wife wanted me to be a Ted speaker and she always used to say that it’s going to happen soon & she was so excited. So this one is for you @payal_kapoor #TEDx #TedTalk #YFL #TEDxChandigarh @yourfoodlab

Joshua Tree National Park

4 years! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Its four years today when I met you for the first time ever! 2016 is a year which changed my life completely, it’s the year when I started YFL and then soon after that I met you. I never knew that my life would change suddenly and everything after that has been the best I could expect from life. I have grown with you since that day and you are the best thing which has ever happened to me. Thank you for being there and thank you for showing me the better side of everything wifey. Yours forever, love, Sanj ❤️ P.S. This was one of the best experiences on our trip to the USA which was our last trip before the pandemic. No one around us for miles, just twinkling stars, -4°C, our RV & there is something special about the Joshua trees. The best vibe ever to live like that for a couple of days. Can’t wait to travel again!!
Finally super excited to announce the winners for the #MyYFLstory challenge today at 6:30 pm on YFL’s YouTube channel & Facebook page! Stay tuned! Do watch the video guys whether you win or not, it is very special and it made me really emotional! Love you guys! @Smeg.in @sanjyotkeer
#GiveAwayAlert Hello people! So as you know YFL did It's first live on YouTube where I cooked some amazing food with you guys! It was such a fun event. I enjoyed a lot and so we decided to make it an unforgettable experience for all you guys. I announced a challenge with amazing giveaways 😍. Here's how you could take part in this super fun activity - ⚠️Step 1 - Choose & cook any YFL recipe at home. Choose your most liked YFL recipe which you cooked for a special person, special occasion or you started a business with it. It could be anything special. I want to know how YFL plays a role in your life. ⚠️Step 2 - Record your #MyYFLstory video. Record a video of the finished recipe and talk about your YFL story with it. You can talk about anything and everything related to the recipe or YFL in general the recipe or how YFL plays a part in your life... etc etc. The whole idea is to talk about any Important event, occasion or experience related to YFL or YFL recipes. For ex. You started a biryani business, you started a vlog, you cooked the recipe for your partner, or your grand father or how YFL or I have inspired you to do anything (Just like how you share your stories in your DM’s) Just share that moment with me.. The video should be 1 minute max!! Yeah 1 minute is all you've got! 🙈 You can write a writeup which could be more elaborate if you can not fit in your story in the video. ⚠️Step 3- Upload your #MyYFLstory video on Instagram. Upload it on your Instagram handle using the #MyYFLstory Don't forget to tag us on your post. Try not to dm us. Instead just upload the post on your page and tag us :) Also, follow Your Food Lab on IG, FB & YT (Kindly note: If you have a private account we can not see your post, you could send us a screenshot of the post & the video on the email ID mentioned below.) if you are not on Instagram alternatively you could send us the clip to [email protected] but entering through Instagram is preferred. ⚠️Step 4-Wait for the winners to be announced ⏳ You have a week to participate until Sunday 14/06/2020. So go full throttle on this one 🏁 Wondering what are the giveaways here? 🤩🤩 Continued in the comment
“The whole of life is an act of letting go" The magic of your art lives in your movies which proves that legends never die. It feels like a personal loss, feels strange. What an amazing artist and what a beautiful human being. Gone too soon. You will be missed sir ❤️😇 Prayers 🙏🏻 #ripirrfankhan
Yesssss!!! We completed 4 years of Your Food Lab today on @facebookapp ! And also it’s our super chef Iyan’s birthday as well which makes this day even more special! I miss you so much my tum tum!. We have grown to more than 7 million followers on our social platforms and the numbers just look unreal! But more than the numbers it’s the love I get from all of you lovely people and you have made this journey possible! Last year when we completed 3 years, I had made a video called Never kill your stupid idea, and the video is so close to my heart, if you haven’t watched it yet, do watch it! In these 4 years if there one thing that I have learnt, then it is that dreams come true and anyone can achieve anything! Thank you YFL TEAM for making these 4 years amazing, looking forward to create awesome stuff with you guys in the coming years! Let’s rock this! To celebrate the 4 years I have started a fundraiser on Facebook to help the fight against corona virus, do donate and be kind, every rupee counts. Love you guys and thank you for these awesome 4 years! @a_kshaypatil @its_me.shan @manastakle @mrgupta_769 @payal_kapoor @anishabachher @leenakeer @ pops-heisnotoninsta @dilpreetghai and every one who is part of this journey!
Yes!!! we are a million on Instagram!!!! These have been the most crazy four years of my life, the day I started making food videos in April, 2016, my father had told me that getting a few hundred views would be a big thing and also he had told me that don’t get disheartened if it takes time, 3 years is what he had told me that take 3 years to prove yourself to the world, it took 3 days after my first upload and my 3rd video on Facebook was watched more than 1.7 million times in just a couple of days but does the scenario change there? It was a big struggle to sustain through months of no money and daily uploads. But we put in what we had and we did what it took to make YFL what it is today. As I have always said that “Never Kill Your Stupid Idea” That stupid idea of uploading one recipe video everyday worked and I kept my idea alive and today from 1 follower to a million on the gram and more than 6.5 million followers on my social media handles, this journey has been through a lot of ups and downs but it is all worth it. No idea is stupid, do what it takes to keep your ideas alive, start doing it today and Never Kill Your Stupid Idea. Having such a big family of millions brings in a lot of responsibility as well, I promise that I will work harder and create better content day after day for all of you, thank you for being there and thank you for all the support you have always shown! This ones for all of you guys! Love you and thank you From me and from the YFL TEAM! @a_kshaypatil @its_me.shan @manastakle @mrgupta_769 and the ever supporting family @payal_kapoor @anishabachher @leenakeer @dilpreetghai , dad, Iyan and everyone who has always been a part of this journey! Thank you so much! Thank you @instagram & @facebook team for all the support always! @ladyroxpop @vishuray
I will be live exclusively on @zee5 at 12:00 pm on 4th April! I have an amazing lock down recipe to share with you and some tips and tricks which will help you cook with ease during the lock down. See you there! @supermoonhq #BeCalmBeEntertained #stayhomestaysafe
Going live with Chef @ranveer.brar today at 5 pm on @yourfoodlab. Do tune in for an amazing QnA session and lots of food talk. I will also talk about my journey while working with Chef Brar and lots more. Looking forward for this one! . . . #instadaily #masterchef #quarantine #chef #foodie #mumbai #sanjyotkeer #ranveerbrar
Every home, every heart, every feeling, every emotion and every moment of happiness is incomplete without you. Taking a moment to celebrate the women that inspire our lives! I often speak about how I started cooking and one of my most fond memories is about the super power I always wanted to have as a kid, the super power to put a smile on peoples faces with the art of cooking and I got that from my mother. She has inspired me to be the best version of me and being humble, being emotional and being kind. She is the most amazing human being in this world. I love you maa! Happy women’s day to all the lovely, intelligent, strong women out there! Thank you for always being there and making us strong and what we are today! #SheInspiresUs #internationalwomensday
16/11/2019 As she walked into the gurudwara dressed as a bride and I had my eyes on her, the most prettiest bride, she looked like a princess the princess of my dreams. I was waiting for her and she came and sat besides me. The religious Anand Karaj ceremony began and we took our vows of the pure ceremony. I remember while taking each phera I had so many thoughts running through my mind and heart and I told my self that I will love her for life and take at most care of her, the best she deserves. And within minutes we were married and we were one for life. @payal_kapoor The day you told me that you wanted me to come and talk to your parents, i remember how excited and nervous I was but from that moment till we got married everything was so pure. Your parents and Avi had at most trust in me and us and the love I have got is immense. My mom and dad and my family love you more than they love me and I just pray to god that we all be one big happy family always! Thank you for choosing me as your partner and I promise that I will make you proud each day for taking the decision of being Mrs. Keer for life. Love you the most wifey ❤️ My outfit: @kunalrawalofficial KOTD: @louisvuitton @payal_kapoor outfit: @rimpleandharpreet

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It was no fun being crazy alone, so we decided to be crazy together
Just can’t take my eyes off YOU ❤️ #wifey @payal_kapoor

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Rise up, take courage & do it! #NeverKillYourStupidIdea #YFL

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"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West @payal_kapoor

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Today & Forever ❤️