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@sktorigins @rahultewary #Repost @starbharat (@get_repost) ・・・ 7 दिन में आरम्भ होने जा रहा है #राधाकृष्ण का सबसे बड़ा अध्याय! देखिए #कृष्णअर्जुनगाथा, 13 जुलाई से, रात 9 बजे, सिर्फ़ STAR भारत पर। @beatking_sumedh @mallika_singh_official_ @kinshukvaidya54
#Repost @starbharat (@get_repost) @sktorigins @rahultewary ・・・ कृष्ण लौट रहे हैं एक नए रूप में, कृष्ण-अर्जुन गाथा लेकर! कॉमेंट्स में हमें बताइए, आपने इंतज़ार की ये घड़ियाँ कैसे काटीं? देखिए उनकी पहली झलक #कृष्णअर्जुनगाथा में, जल्द ही, सिर्फ़ STAR भारत पर। @beatking_sumedh @mallika_singh_official_ @kinshukvaidya54
#Repost @sktorigins (@get_repost) Coming soon!! ・・・ When u meet a masked run away bride 😷 !!! Devi Adi Parashakti @ratipandey Back on ur screens soon !!! Stay safe !! @realswastik #swastikbhoomi
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Please head to @poojabsharma handle and catch the interesting conversation between @sktorigins and @poojabsharma where they discuss their epic show Mahabharat today at 05:00pm. #Repost @sktorigins (@get_repost) ・・・ Today Il be interviewed by the one and only @poojabsharma ... an actor who prides in her work ... who doesn’t adjust and say chalta hai ... doesn’t give in to mediocrity... she always stands tall ... thru it all !!! Calling the entire team at Swastik and all fans of Mahabharat to join in ... today @5 pm on insta live !! Let’s relive the epic !!!
#Repost @sktorigins (@get_repost) ・・・ Your words humble me @sourabhraaj.jain ... I’m amazed how u remember every single detail ... actually thats why ur such a fabulous actor... lord Krishna was and is my favourite character as I could communicate all the ideologies, thoughts and messages thru him to the viewers as Mahabharat is not just and entertaining story, it was written for people to learn and implement things in their life ... I Always knew it’s not gonna be easy at all for u ...but ur curiosity to understand what you are doing... from the way u should stand .. look ... smile to every word you spoke on screen ... you really owned it ... u believed in it ...I remember the call when I asked you to just enjoy the journey and not think ... just be in the moment and do ur best ... look where you have taken it 👏👏👏... u made all look so effortless ... another thing about u that I don’t think many people know ... it’s time they do :) ... post the success of the series you were invited all across the world at various events offering you millions... it’s an opportunity every actor lives for ... but you ... refused !!! U didn’t go anywhere ... I was curious to know the reason and finally one day what you told me makes me respect you even more “sir this costume, mukut, morpank and the entire attire is too sacred for me ... it’s too pure ... I can’t be wearing this at public events for money “ this is what defines you Sourabh .. be who u are always ... stay happy !!! Love ... I’m sure u will remember this pic :))
#Repost @sktorigins (@get_repost) ・・・ Thanks a lot @poojabsharma ... looking forward to relive the past :)) ...
Legendary crickter @virendersehwag spends some quality family time by watching #RadhaKrishn #Repost @sktorigins (@get_repost) ・・・ I have grown up being entertained by you @virendersehwag ... i feel blessed to entertain a legend like you and ur entire family !!! U proved to the world that attitude is everything !!! You changed the way the game was played and if you got going ... the world had no answers !!! Thanks again for letting all the fans of RadhaKrishn know about your love for the series ... thanks for sharing @utkarshnaithani u know I love u !! Always the best from the entire team @realswastik @rahultewary @g3gill @nitin.m.gupta @beatking_sumedh @mallika_singh_official_ @shivyapathania @ihimanshusoni @kaulritesh @starbharat @starplus
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