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This is my journey from “zero to hero” in aviation. ❤️✈️👩‍✈️ Airline Pilot/CFI/CFII Lover of aviation Pilot of all the things
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You wouldn’t know it by the serious look on his face, but @marshallsherman is celebrating hitting 100 hours of flight time in this pic! 🙌🎉 #FoggleTimeFriday

Denton Enterprise Airport

New @flyingeyesworld sunglasses are in!!! Use discount code TAKINGOFF at www.flyingeyesoptics.com 😎
Pumpkin spice all the things! 🍂Who else loves fall??? 🧡🤎💛

Lantana, Texas

The Autumnal equinox occurs at 8:30am in the Northern Hemisphere today. It’s officially fall! 🍂🎃

Lewisville Lake

Name that airplane, @speedbumpjoey! ✈️ #DoTheThing

Lewisville Lake

Skeleton at the wheel, full pirate attire, and boat named “Surrender the Booty”. You win Halloween this year, random pirate dude. ☠️ #respect

Sneaky Pete's Texas

Having fun with friends on Wong Direction today! 🚤🌊

Addison, Texas

Hanging out with the @myhotelcarpet guy! 🤩

Denton Enterprise Airport

One of my favorite students is done with training and going back home this weekend, so I had to see him one last time. His request?...to see the Wong Warrior! 🥰✈️ Good luck in your airline training back home, Gavin!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Denton Enterprise Airport

Happy #WingViewWednesday! ❤️✈️

Denton Enterprise Airport

With @theflyingcontroller filming our flying adventures for @aerovalleyfc! ✈️ #FlyingWithFriends #WongWarrior #AVFC

Bridgeport Municipal Airport

Zoomy aircraft appreciation day. 😍✈️ @vansaircraftinc #RV7 #RV8 #FormationFlyingWithFriends

Denton Enterprise Airport

Family time in the #WongWarrior today! ❤️✈️ #Aviation #HusbandAndWifePilots #Airplane #Piper #Flying

Northwest Regional Airport (Texas)

Formation flying with the zoomy little aircraft today! ❤️✈️ @vansaircraftinc
Most of us remember where we were that morning. I was a very young mother; my daughter, Emily, not even a month old yet. We were living in Las Vegas, sleeping, when my partner at the time (Emily’s BioDad) received a call from his mom. He woke me up...a plane had accidentally crashed into the WTC. Groggy from late night baby tending, I didn’t grasp what was really going on. It was my day off from work and I was supposed to be sleeping in. But I sat up as he turned on the TV to watch the news. We sat there, stunned and numb, as we watched the second plane hit. This was NOT an accident. Throughout the day we watched the tragic events unfold. The Pentagon, Shanksville, the multitudes of innocent lives lost that day to senseless hatred. Then came the eerie silence as air travel stopped for the next three days. Not one plane seen in the skies over Vegas. As tragic as it was, these events would unite us into one nation. It was a lot to take in then, and even though it was half my life ago, some days it’s still a lot to process. As I look around the world today, 19 years later, I am saddened to see us divided over politics, mask debates, and things that (in the grand scheme of things) don’t really matter. Life is short. Hug your loved ones. Stop being angry over stupid things. Take time to breathe and appreciate the wonderful around you instead of focusing on the negatives. Remember that we are all a product of our experiences. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion, but it doesn’t have to be “my way or the highway”. Love your fellow man for there is no time for hate. And most importantly, NEVER FORGET. ❤️🇺🇸

Denton Enterprise Airport

It’s official! I can now call myself a Gold Seal CFI.🥇🎉🙂