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Defeat doesn't have to be permanent. As long as you remain willing to get up and try again, there's no stopping you from attaining your dreams. If you want something bad enough, realize that it's your tenacity that can get you to where you are headed. Sometimes half the struggle is just hanging in there until the miracle happens. Goodnight Amore ❤☀️❤ . . Cre to owner Edited . . Follow: @bbrightvc #bbrightvc #winmetawin #still2gether #2gethertheseries #4MBesideBright #BrightsForBright #brightwin #brightvachirawit #sarawatiism #isawitbefore  #BrightsaroundTheWorld #brightliveinhisroom #brightwinedit #2gethertheseriesfans #brightsinternationalfans
HYPER FOCUSED. I find myself hyper focused so much so that I lose track of time and keep working late into the night without even realizing it. No caffeine is needed. Just the ongoing competition I have with myself. “I can’t believe how perfect this one is!” I often think to myself as I’m designing, crafting, or polishing one of these projects. My only wish is that I would have started this sooner. Can’t wait to release my next few projects for you all to see everything I’ve been learning behind the scenes. Here’s a few quick clips of hands down my most precise wallet so far. They are starting to look like they are machine made. I should keep a few flaws right? @youdeserveit2003 thank you for your patience while I was sick. 😷 I hope your friend loves his custom wallet with his name stamped inside! #italianleatherwallet #italianleather #handmadeleatherwallet #handmade #taiwandream #traveltaiwan #taiwantravel #taipeitravel



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