Bhagwati (Goddess ) Inspired from the motifs of Mithila / Madhubani folk art from India. Sharing an old digital painting. Though the theme is traditional but composition and presentation is mine so if you want to reproduce please do credit your inspiration. 🙏 @nupurnishith #mithila #madhubani #Goddess #Bhagwati #HinduGod #Maithili #njartist #nyartist #Indianart #indianartartist #instaartist #artistofinstagram #Artist #usaartist #red #illustration #digital #digitalart #digitalillustration #drawing #mandala #artfeature #art #nupurnishith #creativemithila #painting #pattern #color


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Last night the world lost this miniature Yoda covered in hair. Never have I met a lady who knew how to demand what she wanted like Lucy, aka “The Goose” or “Lil Boosie.” Her signature ear-piercing, demanding yelp from under the kitchen table meant that my family, usually spread across 4 parts of the country or the world, was all together, sharing a meal. And Lucy wanted her scraps. That yelp meant we were home. She was very convincing, and even though she was supposed to be on a diet for, like, a decade, we always caught Dad tossing her an extra slice of bacon. She deserved every bite. I wish 2020 hadn’t kept me from one last round of cuddles and thanking her for 15 years of laughs and loyalty. Scroll to the end for rare footage of the land whale moving above her normal speed of “contented waddle”


Challenge accepted. Y’all see quite enough of my face on here, so I figured I would use the #WomenSupportingWomen nomination to draw attention to the women who need our attention most. The original intent of the black & white photo movement appears to have been started by Turkish women to raise awareness about the prevalence and impunity of domestic violence killings there. In that spirit, I am highlighting women who have been victim to America’s own culture of violence against women, especially nonwhite women left vulnerable because we do not prioritize their safety: • Riah Milton, a “joyful” 25-year-old black trans woman from Ohio who “just wanted to be accepted.” She was murdered in June. • Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old Army Specialist brutally murdered by a male soldier after facing sexual harassment on base, whose murderer went free for months and killed himself before he could be apprehended. • Breonna Taylor, the 25-year-old EMT from Louisville who was murdered by police in her own home in a patently illegal use of force, and whose murderers not only haven’t been arrested but 2 of whom have not even been fired from Louisville Police Department. • THOUSANDS of indigenous women who are reported missing or found dead every year. The image above is a protestor in Minnesota with the Red Hand painted over her mouth, one of many Native women calling for interventions like public health data collection, accountability for law enforcement (who are often perpetrators of crimes against Native women) and media attention to the crisis #RiahMilton #VanessaGuillen #BreonnaTaylor #MMIW #BlackTransLivesMatter #indigenouswomen #NotInvisible #NoMoreStolenSisters



••••••••• Anotha one until #CincyDropTheCharges @cincymassdefensecoalition - LINK IN BIO •••••••••• Between May 29 and June 6, more than 500 people were arrested by the City of Cincinnati as the planned second step of a curfew imposed by Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley as a response to the protests that were organized on the heels of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. The City arrested more than 500 people and charged them with "Misconduct at an Emergency," a misdemeanor of the first degree--the most serious level of misdemeanor there is. This charge was used solely for the purpose of corralling people and preventing protesters from remaining on the streets and exercising their human rights protected by the First Amendment. The City has called these "curfew violations"--but this isn't true. Curfew violations alone are simply ticketed offenses. Instead, the City of Cincinnati is going to the extreme by charging these protesters--and bystanders who were on their way home from work--with serious, bogus criminal charges carrying up to six months of jail time and large fines. City Council is complicit--passing a motion to encourage the Prosecutor to offer ways to dismiss the charges. But Council's dismissal options are actually deceptive plea deals that will leave people who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights with criminal records that will hinder them for years to come--as well as deprive them of the option to seek justice for violations of their civil rights. We can't allow this gross injustice to happen! We are demanding that #CincyDropTheCharges immediately and with prejudice.* We call on the City of Cincinnati to drop the charges against all those who were arrested during recent protests, marches, and rallies. We believe that exercising one's First Amendment rights should not be an arrestable offense, and no one should be prosecuted for having the courage to fight for racial Please sign the petition:


I can’t fathom living in this world without him—especially during this treacherous, frightening time. I will grieve him almost as if he’s my own blood. John Lewis deserved so many more peaceful years than this Earth and this country gave him, and we desperately needed his singular courage and dignity. But now we gotta do it for ourselves and find it in ourselves. I was never a religious person, but John Lewis showed me how to have faith, taught me the transcendent power of hope, and along with MLK, expanded my understanding of the definition of love to include real, restorative, redemptive justice. I hope he rests knowing how many of us will make #GoodTrouble in his footsteps. Every single day, good trouble.



Based on discussion with my nurse, it seems I am about a week in to having COVID-19. I had a really tiring, trying week at work last week, and thought I was just run down from burning the candle at both ends, working long hours, foregoing sleep for both productive activism & unproductive freak outs. Last Sunday, I felt really dehydrated and got a bad headache. My temperature was slightly elevated (99.4) and my chronic neck injury was acting up. The only reason I found out the source was COVID was because I got brave enough (and my chronic-pain having body was begging) to try a socially-distanced yoga class—before entry, they took my forehead temp and it registered at 100.2, which shocked me because I had been a perfect 98.6 at home that morning. I went straight to a testing center, got a positive rapid test, and had it reconfirmed by the hospital lab the next morning. . The day I was diagnosed, I woke up feeling literally more refreshed & energized than I had in months. By that afternoon I was aching, my fever had spiked, and I was bone tired. The symptoms come in waves—today, I have no fever, but I have a cough, headache, and body aches. Overall, the physical experience of having COVID has paled in comparison to the psychological/emotional toll of worrying about whether I passed it to anyone (everyone I love/was around has tested negative this week, thank god-I wore a mask) & whether I would wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe. I’m still not out of the danger zone, but I’m hopeful that I’m lucky with a mild case. . We don’t have contact tracing here, so I have NO idea where or how I contracted it and never will. What I do know is that lots of people in Cincinnati are not taking this virus seriously and have taken re-opening as a sign to abandon precaution. This picture was taken yesterday and I want to make sure people know that COVID can look like this and not be ANY less dangerous. I don’t believe I contracted it at a protest, since no one I was around has tested positive. But if you have been out & about—even masked, observing precautions like I have—go get a test. And don’t ignore what your body is telling you.



2020 sustainability tip: Repurpose your fave old travel pics to achieve a miniature serotonin boost. Reduce reuse recycle, baby 💙♻️🌀❇️


Introducing LA-based photographer, @honnnhoang! His introspection on life will inspire you to find meaning and excitement in everyday stories. 🙏🌏 Support his work and follow his journey! Learn more at . . ROLE MODEL LOOKBOOK aims to focus on Asian American who are doing extraordinary things in our ordinary world. Our mini interviews aim to highlight the numerous outlets in which our role models are part of. Our hope is that This Asian American Life has the opportunity to only show off the amazing work they’re doing in their artivist community. . . #illustration #api #artist #asianamerican #thisasianamlife #taal #digitalart #selfdiscovery #creative #vietnameseamerican #photography #filmmaking #asianamericanfilmmakers #rolemodel #interview #rml


New twist on Pizza! Pizza soup and Pizza pull apart bread! Get the recipes on @twincitieslive today! 😍
What was a scene in yoi that made you cry a little/was wholesome? 💖 For me it was when viktor started crying after yuri said he was going to retire. It showed how much viktor cared for yuri and wanted to see him skate for a long time. I loved it. 💖 . . . . . . . #anime❤ #animepost #freeanime #animelove #otaku #yurioniceedit #yurio #katsukiyuri #viktornikiforov #gaintrick #animeedits #viktuuri #otayuri #iceadolescence #phichit_chu #otabekxyurio #otabek #yuriplisetsky #yurionice #viktorxyuuri


October 2, 1967 ᅠ It may become one of my favourite photos of him ever, but I don't like this kind of lighting at all. This whole photoshoot is weird, if you've ever seen it then you understand what I mean. I tried to change the colours to normal as much as I could. Enjoy 💫 . . . #sydbarrett #rogerkeithbarrett #syd #barrett #pinkfloyd #pinkfloydfan #pinkfloydfans #pinkfloydfanpage #thepiperatthegatesofdawn #themadcaplaughs #psychedelicrock #psychedelic #progressiverock #artrock #rocknroll #blues #jazz #60s #1960s #1967 #musicians #bands #guitarist #painter #vintage #rare #photoshoot #enhanced #colorized #colourised


Don’t be fooled, I’m smiling cuz Jesus loves me and not because sweater weather is here....bring back summer 😤!!