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Photo by Keith Ladzinski @ladzinski | A bolt of lighting fires down through dark skies at twilight over central Oklahoma. It's storm season in North America, a time where scenes like this are a common sight throughout Tornado Alley. Storm cells of this size can be quite destructive, but are part of an intricate cycle of life, bringing with them much needed water for flora and wind for pollination. They're both terrifying and beautiful to watch light up the skies.
Photo by @lynseyaddario As part of a project to cover the pandemic, I've been following the work/plight of several funeral homes in southern England. Here, undertaker Anthony James of Taunton Funeral Services moves a deceased woman after collecting her from a local hospital in Taunton, England. She was not suspected of passing away from COVID-19 complications. The United Kingdom was one of the last in Europe to call for a nationwide lockdown to prevent large-scale deaths and illness from the coronavirus. To see more of my work follow @lynseyaddario. Follow @natgeointhefield for real-time coverage of this developing story from photographers around the world.
Photos by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | From my project In Her Kitchen: Grandmas are the best cooks! This is Normita, 65, from Oltepessi Kenya. Whenever I meet grandmas on my travels, I ask the same question: Can you make your best recipe for me? This is mboga and ugali. Ingredients: Goat meat and a leg of goat, 50 gr cow’s fat, two tomatoes, 500 gr white corn flour, a plate of sukuma (a vegetable similar to spinach). Ugali is popular in Africa, and particularly this area of Kenya. it is part of the everyday meal, the base of almost any recipe. It is always combined with something else: meat, vegetables, fish, and so on… For the ugali, bring a bit less than a liter of water to boil with some salt. When it boils, add 500 gr of white corn flour, and stir continuously until it becomes a dense mixture. Cook for about 10 minutes, and then let it cool. For the meat and vegetables, cut the goat meat into small pieces (about 3 cm). Take the skin off the leg of the goat and strip the flesh from it. Put the meat in salted water. Melt the cow’s fat in a saucepan, and when it starts to fry, add two chopped tomatoes. When the tomatoes get mushy and create a sauce, add the chunks of meat and all the sukuma, cut into strips. Let everything cook for about 40 minutes. Add salt to taste. When the meat and vegetables are cooked, place them on a plate with the orgali. #food #kenya #africa
Photo by @dina_litovsky | Los Angeles, the birthplace of skateboarding, has numerous skateparks throughout the city. This off-the-beaten-track basketball court at Pecan Recreation Center is a great spot for beginners. Though originally a heavily male sport, skateboarding has been attracting more girls. In the past decade, the number of full-time professional women skateboarders has doubled. The feature on the L.A. skateboarding scene is in the June issue. For more images, follow me @dina_litovsky. Check out Nat Geo's link in bio for more on this story.
Photos by @robertclarkphoto | Portraits of survivors who lived through the sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad during WWII, part of the June issue cover story “The Last Voices of World War II.” An estimated 800,000 civilians died in the blockade of the Leningrad, with a total of 16,900,000 Soviet civilians dying in the war. Vera Nikitina (first) was a child when the blockade started. Nearly all her family was lost to the stranglehold that the Nazi forces had on the city. "I don't want to remember any of it, even to speak of it. I want to live the rest of my life in peace and see only the good in life." Boris Smirnov (second) says, "We were all full of Soviet patriotism." In October 1944, the 93-year-old's platoon was surrounded and callously gunned down. "I saw the laughing German soldiers ... we were rushing at them screaming; they were laughing and waving their hats. My friends were falling all around me." Maria Rokhlina (last), 95, was a Soviet combat medic who became trapped in a tractor factory during the siege of Stalingrad. She was part a group hugged each other for warmth. "We took an oath to never forget those we stood hugging." #SeigeOfLeningrad #Stalingrad #WWII #TheLastVoicesOfWWII #NatGeo Check out Nat Geo's link in bio for more on this story.
Photo by Cristina Mittermeier @Mitty | There is so much we are still learning about sound in the ocean, from the destructive impact of noise pollution to the ways that animals like whales use sound to communicate across vast distances. Scientists studying humpback whale songs recently discovered something fascinating: male humpbacks' songs evolve from season to season. Although we have no idea what these animals are saying to each other, I can say without a doubt that they are sharing something amazing. I've spent countless hours in the water with these magnificent animals, feeling their groaning chorus sweep over and through me. It is an experience I will cherish forever, and one I hope to put into words so that everyone can understand the importance of keeping the oceans healthy for generations to come. Follow me @Mitty to learn more from @SeaLegacy's #OceanSchool, an online program my team and I have created to support families while their children cannot go to school. #HumpbackWhale #Lofoten #WhaleSong #ScienceIsCool
Photo by @paoloverzone | In Barcelona, Spain, members of a swimming club are about to enjoy the first dip after almost two months of lockdown. Sporting activity is allowed now between 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The city is slowly getting back to life, with all the precautions needed to protect the population. Follow @paoloverzone for more photos and stories.
Photo by @hannahreyesmorales | On her day off from the hospital, Allison, a nurse, visits her son Lucas, and they read together— through a glass door in the home she's temporarily isolated from. Globally women make up approximately 70% of health and social service workers. For moms at the front line, providing critical care amid the pandemic comes with the additional challenge of caregiving for their own families. I've often associated safety with holding our loved ones physically close, but in these times safety also means distance and space. For more stories on safer space making follow me @hannahreyesmorales. #Massachusetts #COVID19 @insidenatgeo
Photo by @irablockphoto | Early morning begins the workday for camels and cameleers in Erg Chebbi, a complex of dunes formed by wind-blown sand in eastern Morocco, near the Algerian border. The dunes are located close to the town of Merzouga, a jumping-off point for tourists who overnight in the desert in luxury tent camps. This particular camel seems to be protesting getting up so early! #followme @irablockphoto for more images of the world. #camels #desert #morocco #irablock
Photo by @jimmychin | Blue light hour. Just another unnamed and unclimbed peak in the newly minted Parque Nacional Patagonia. @Tompkins_Conservation has spent the last 25 years working to protect these incredible landscapes. Conservation is about protecting wild places like this from development and for future generations to explore and appreciate, but they also protect important carbon sinks, clean water, clean air, and habitat. For more images of adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin.
Photo by @edkashi In Calumpang, Philippines, members of the Aeta use an earthen oven to cook tree trunks into charcoal, which is sold locally. From the archives; shot in 1999. #Philippines #Aetas #coal #smoke #indigenous
Video by @bertiegregory | A spinner dolphin whirls off the coast of southern Egypt in the Red Sea. As it swam around me, it would move its head and jaw in a circular pattern—dolphins analyze their environment using echolocation. By firing out a series of high- frequency sounds and then listening for the reflection of those sounds, they can determine the distance of an object and what it’s made of. Scientists have found that different parts of the dolphin’s rostrum (the long snout) have different conductive properties, and by rotating its head and jaw, it's able to better interpret the echolocation reflections–similar to how bats rotate their ears to focus sounds. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures! #redsea #dolphin #underwater #ocean
Photo by @tasneemalsultan | I left my hometown in eastern Saudi Arabia in March, when the world was beginning to wake up to the seriousness of the novel coronavirus. I thought I would stay in the capital for a few days, to document the Saudi response to COVID-19. More than 12 weeks later, I'm still in Riyadh with my youngest daughter, Yara, seen here in our hotel room on a video call. I’d always promised to bring her on one of my work trips. Sura, her older sister, wisely chose to stay home. This is the longest I've been away from home, and the longest I've not seen my daughter. I thought all was well—until Sura shared how she misses us, and the three of us burst into tears on a video call. We constantly remind ourselves that we're healthy and that we're lucky to be safe, but now I'm also reminding them and myself that it's ok to feel emotionally constrained and frustrated. With the removal of the full lockdown early this week, I plan to finally head back home. My thoughts are with all the separated families during this stressful and strange time. #riyadh #saudiarabia #mothers #families
Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | A geologist studying caves enters a small chamber containing stunning, cloud-like formations known as mammillaries. These formed underwater, when its lake level was much higher than it is today.
Video by @babaktafreshi | Moonlight on Granite: One of the most amazing experiences in a natural night environment—far from city lights—is the dramatic change of ambient light at moonrise. Here in the High Sierra, in California, it was most striking. Turn on the sound for the accompanying original soundtrack, “Celestial Body” by composer and conductor Barbad Bayat. Explore more of the World at Night with me @babaktafreshi. #saveournightsky #twanight #timelapse #sierranevada
Photo by @katieorlinsky | Sea ice on the Arctic Ocean, Utqiagvik, Alaska. I made this image while accompanying Inupiat hunters at sea during the summer of 2015, which at that point was the hottest summer Alaska had ever seen. They were looking for ugruk (bearded seal), which normally come around that time of year, but they were unsuccessful. Hunting, fishing, and foraging for food, known as subsistence, is not only crucial as the main food source for Inupiat communities, it is one of the most important aspects of cultural, spiritual, and everyday life. These ancient traditions are threatened by the realities of climate change in the Arctic more and more each day.
Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | When pondering the explosive rise of human population, it’s useful to step back and consider it in the context of deep Earth time. The Richat Structure is a familiar landmark to astronauts passing over the Sahara, and remains something of an enigma to geologists. Originally thought to be a meteorite impact, it is now known to be a hundred-million-year-old volcanic structure that weathered away to its current form. Cosmic collisions and volcanic spasms are ticks of the planetary clock but leave enduring scars. Will our surging population do the same? To explore more of our world from above, follow @geosteinmetz.
Photo @ladzinski / Sunset over the iconic #TetonNationalPark - Just finishing up an amazing and memorable week teaching at the #adventurePhotographyWorkshop in Jackson Hole with the @clarksoncreative crew. A great group founded by a former @natgeo Director Of Photography #RichClarkson, a man who has touched and helped so many. It's a workshop I look forward to every year filled with an inspiring faculty that I'm always humbled to be a part of and enthusiastic attendees. Thanks to all that were there this week, I'm filled with inspiration! @csteppig @coreyrichproductions @lucasgilman @sadiequarrier @timkemple @sctywi @ryantaylorvisual