Anzeige | Two weeks ago I revisited a place I haven’t been in a decade probably although a part of my family even lives there. Seeing the famous Schwerin castle from above using the new DJI Mavic Air 2 was actually eye opening because I had never seen it this way. Big plus of the lightweight drone - it’s super tiny and silent, perfect tool for a sunrise mission. - #MavicAir2 #UpYourGame @djiglobal (I respected applying rules and restrictions.)
It’s my face man I didn’t do nothing serious man Please Please Please I can’t breathe Please man Please somebody Please man I can’t breathe I can’t breathe Please (Inaudible) Man can’t breathe my face Just get up I can’t breathe Please I can’t breathe sh*t I will I can’t move Mama Mama I can’t My knees My nuts I’m through I’m through I’m claustrophobic My stomach hurt My neck hurts Everything hurts Some water or something Please Please I can’t breathe officer Don’t kill me They gon kill me Come on man I cannot breathe I cannot breathe They gon kill me They gon kill me Come on man I can’t breathe I can’t breathe Please sir Please Please Please I can’t breathe Black Lives Matter #blackouttuesday

Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germ

Step into the light ☀️ Anzeige | Last weekend I finally went back to the mountains for a production for my long term partner #Samsung, to reconnect to nature and to ask myself how my photography has changed in the past years. I realised that most of my images are optimised for vertical viewing nowadays because everyone is on their phone and we barely take time to turn our screen. It’s strange but also a great chance to reveal more of the world above and beneath instead of just looking left and right. So this place came to my mind when I ventured out with my #GalaxyS20Ultra to shoot a series for the new Samsung THE SERO which can turn 90 degrees and show your content vertical as well. So crazy! Check out my stories to see how it works. -  #TheSero #withGalaxy #HomeDecor #LifestyleTV #WeRoamGermany #WeRoamHome #SaxonSwitzerland


The fourth image in my #FollowthetracksChallenge selection shows a majestic eagle hunter in western Mongolia 🇲🇳 If you swipe to the last image, you can see that I clearly edited the sky in a moody and cold way, I also erased the person on the left. Other than that I tried to keep all colours as natural as possible. I’m excited to see your take on this one! Simply download it via the link in my bio and enjoy editing! Have a great start in the weekend everyone! - #followthetracks #followthetracksmongolia #mongolia #eaglehunter #altaimountains #altai #ffa #competition
The #FollowthetracksChallenge is still on and so many of you have submitted their edits already 🇲🇳 Just a reminder - if you don’t know how to edit the photos or if you wanna know how I do it, check out my Photography Masterclass as well! (Link in Bio). Have a great day everyone! - #followthetracks #followthetracksmongolia #mongolia #photography #masterclass #steppes #yurt #weroamabroad

Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Three Peaks

Anzeige | Memories from my favourite misty mountains in @visitsouthtyrol, Italy 🇮🇹 When I visited the Dolomites four years ago for the first time, I was completely blown away: these mountains stole my heart and I can’t wait to be back here one day soon. I recently dove deep into my archives and found this crazy shot that I needed to re-edit right away and share it with you. Have you ever been to the Dolomites? - #southtyrol #everythingwelove #dolomites #italy #mountains

Val Gardena Gröden

Have you noticed that I’m in vacation mode? 🤓 Anzeige | Throwback to South Tyrol again, this time in the Val Gardena area where I hosted a photo tour and presentation a few years ago. Can’t wait to be back in the Dolomites once the borders are open again 🇮🇹 - @visitsouthtyrol #southtyrol #everythingwelove #dolomites


Gobi Vibes, Mongolia 🇲🇳 This is one of five shots from my new #FollowthetracksChallenge - head to the link in my bio and download and more to win epic prizes! But there’s something even more important you’ll get out of this challenge - pure inspiration. If you scroll through the #FollowthetracksChallenge hashtag, you can find tons of incredible edits, animations and designs based on the RAW file. This is what drives me to share my photography with all of you - to inspire and to get inspired. Have you entered yet? - #followthetracks #followthetracksmongolia #mongolia #gobi #gobidesert #desert #camel #sunset


Some memories from my trip to Japan with @visitjapanjp and @mercedesbenz_de. It was raining cats and dogs and we still had tons of fun shooting the G’s. Swipe all the way to the end to find out who’s birthday it was yesterday 🔥 All the best my man! - #advertorial #japan #visitjapan #mercedes #mercedesbenz #gclass

Italian Dolomites

Anzeige | Back in 2016, we @germanroamers teamed up with @mercedesbenz_de to go on a photography adventure through the beautiful yet moody mountains of one of my favourite places on earth: South Tyrol (@visitsouthtyrol) 🇮🇹 We couldn’t stop shooting this stunning scenery despite the constant rain that day - it made me feel truly alive. - #southtyrol #everythingwelove #dolomites #italy #alleswaswirlieben

Sachsen, Germany

Anzeige | Finally outside again 🌿 rediscovering my home province Saxony in Germany with the brand new @djiglobal Mavic Air 2. It quickly became my favourite drone because it's just as small as my phone but 48MP and 4K 60fps strong! Swipe through to go for a drone stroll through the forest. - #MavicAir2 #UpYourGame


Kamchatka madness 🇷🇺 Can you spot our group? Let me know in the comments in which pictures you can see me. I took this drone shot on the remote Russian peninsula Kamchatka and found myself in one of the craziest landscape I’ve ever seen. The volcano in the background is called Tobalchik and is more than 3000 meters high but there are more than 160 volcanoes all over the place. Insane. - #kamchatka #russia #russiadiscovery #tobalchik #lava #volcano

Italian Dolomites

Anzeige | Throwback to four years ago - this was the first time I ever saw the green trees surrounding the majestic mountains of @visitsouthtyrol. Since then I’ve been coming back every year, but always off-season during autumn or winter, so I never got to see those lush forests again. I feel like it’s time to finally go back to visit the #Dolomites. - #alleswaswirlieben #southtyrol #suedtirol #südtirol #everythingwelove.
The Barbarians 🗡 Have you watched it already? #BarbariansNetflix Anzeige Come with me on a little stroll to the place where the legendary "Varus Battle" of Teutoburg Forest actually happened 🍂 @pangea and I went out to shoot a little series in the Teuto for the new @NetflixDe series The Barbarians. - Did you know that the Greek word barbar used to have the meaning "speaker", like someone who did not speak Greek back in the days? When the Romans conquered the region, they started to call everyone barbarians who did not live after the Roman standards or did not belong to the empire. The word developed even further, so that nowadays the word "barbarian" is associated with a person who's brutal, uncivilised and strange. So try to keep that in mind when you start watching it tonight! 👀 - #teutoburgerwald #TheBarbarians #barbarians #netflix #netflixde #sunrise
Swipe through to see the whole scale of this place in Mongolia 🤯🤯 Anzeige This is Ulgii, the biggest city in the west of the country. Built by Kazakhs over 200 years ago, it’s surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountains and rivers. Come to Mongolia in 2021 with @followthetracks! 🇲🇳 - #followthetracksmongolia #followthetracks #mongolia #ulgii #bayanulgii #sunset #panorama #itssobig
One of my favourite places in Mongolia 🇲🇳 This cliff structure is called White Stupa and was once the ground of an ocean! You can still find shells and fossils there, and this place is not far from where the first dinosaur bones were found. So much history, you can feel the energy while standing up there. Shot while filming for my @followthetracks photography masterclass 🔥 - #followthetracksmongolia #mongolia #followthetracks #escapetomongolia #whitestupa #dundgovi #mavic2pro