& maybe today is the start of something. maybe by you just waking up this morning, you have set in motion a series of beautifully complicated miracles 🦋
soaking up the ☀️

Temecula, California

missing the beautiful views from last weekend

Joshua Tree, California

sunset lover 🏜

Joshua Tree, California

what you’ll find at the end of the longest road to nowhere 🌾
out for my favorite time of the day 🌞 what’s yours?
tried on my new bikini. do you like it? 🤎🤍
I felt fancy today. what would you rate my lingerie on a scale of 1-10 🤍 @mollyoooh
It’s sun dress season ☀️ Which picture do you like best? 1-4 🌼
alexa play “feels like summer” by childish gambino @mollyoooh
hope you’re having a good day 💌
which picture do you like best 1-5? 🌷 I promise I’ll start posting moreee,, did ya miss me?
throwback // @sixpounders
white roses symbolize new beginnings and everlasting love and that’s what I wish for our world 🌎
free spirited 🌷