German Doner Kebab

AD/PR: If there was ever a Boss in the kebab world, GDK are in a pretty good position to take the top spot! Over the weekend I enjoyed the new BOSS BOX from @germandonerkebabuk and delivered courtesy of @deliveroo ⁣ These kebabs do not skimp when it comes to filling! My chosen kebab; the Doner Durum Wrap Kebab arrived nicely loaded with a mix of chicken and kebab meat. As extras I added cabbage, red cabbage and onion...ALL FOR FREE! The three side sauces (garlic, spicy and yoghurt sauce) ensured there was plenty to offer in terms of flavour! ⁣ The kebabs aren’t like your traditional kebabs. These are made with fresh quality ingredients and do not leave that greasy aftertaste that makes you feel as though you’re wearing a double layer of lipgloss! Thank goodness!⁣ ⁣ Inside the box I got:⁣ The Doner Durum Wrap Kebab ⁣ Chilli Cheese Nibbles ⁣ Fries ⁣ 3 Signature Sauces: spicy sauce, garlic sauce and yogurt sauce⁣ Drink of my choice⁣ ⁣ Great as a takeaway any day of the week!⁣ ⁣ #gdk #germandönerkebab #bossbox #lowkcal #gifted #spicysauce #yoghurtsauce #garlicsauce #berlin #beef #chicken #lamb #tastykebab [PR PRODUCT]