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Heather, during her first day at Cambridge -vs- Heather, after killing her second husband with an ice pick and taking his yacht and Aspen vacation home 🥀
first time having glam done in...a year?
weird year...but here’s a fan cam to tide you over until we are out of the simulation💫
she found a pool 🦋
😍🐬💿🪐🚀🔮🍭🧬🛸💎 by @xngelrod
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😍🪐🐬💫🦄✨ awww 6 years ago at the LA @maddecent block party which was prob 147 degrees...thanks for the throwback vid @marsgoddamnalari
Spirulina + Vitamin C - 1,000 mg (with food) + Zinc - 54 mg + Vitamin D - 5,000 IU per day can help with strengthening your immunity. Also, replace or wash your masks everyday. Sending love and support to ya’ll. Stay safe and healthy. 😘
definitely me in 20 years
The first music producer I was signed to when I was 13 years old explicitly stated that my last name (Abrams) was “too Jewish sounding” and that I had to drop it if I wanted to make it as a pop-star. (Lol if only he knew it was actually five syllables before being shortened at Ellis Island.) Although the implications were offensive, I laughed it off and agreed with him, as I wasn’t going to let my “sensitivity” get in the way of my dreams and passion and determination. I was too young to understand the kind of hidden shame and complex this would spur in me. Albeit an aesthetic choice, it was still symbolic of a fear-based lack of authenticity that would be perpetuated in many little ways for years to come. I had already been experiencing identity issues and confusion having been raised in a Vedantist-Hindu household (more on that another time maybe!), but it wasn’t a familial religious or spiritual path that was at question here, it was my heritage...my actual blood and fiber. It was insinuated that I wouldn’t come off as attractive or desirable or sexy. As a granddaughter of Polish Jewish immigrants (on my Dad’s side), as well as a descendant of Yitzhak Ben Zvi (the second President of Israel), and with many Jewish family members currently living in Israel, I grew up learning about and appreciating the history of my ancestors on this side of the family. I have a deep interest in the origins of Judaism and a personal connection with Jewish Mysticism. I was lucky enough to visit the Tzadikim in Israel in ‘09. Antisemitism is very much still rampant, and I would just like to acknowledge my support for the Jewish community in light of some very hurtful, anti-Semitic sentiments being spread and defended by others on social media lately, as well as recent reports of years of micro-aggressions toward Jewish journalists at major news/media outlets. At times, you can chalk it up to limited and misguided education or lack of exposure and understanding, but sometimes, it’s just straight up hate, and that is deeply troubling. Please don’t feel ashamed of your background because diversity is what makes us all so interesting, unique, beautiful and cool! 💓
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yachta yachta 🌴
🖤🧚🏽honored I got to lend my falsetto to this lil track for @BALENCIAGA summer ‘20🧚🏼‍♀️🖤
I stand in solidarity with the Black community. I have the privilege of not knowing what it’s like to be targeted for the color of my skin. I think we are all undoubtedly passionate about reforming institutional + systemic racism as well as police brutality. George Floyd’s death was an atrocity…same with Breonna Taylor’s death, Tony McDade‘s death, and the many other innocent senseless deaths at the hands of law enforcement. I pledge to always lift up, respect, and have deep empathy for others. I like to normalize discussion, as I am always looking to learn and understand more, especially from those voices affected, and most of all, the voices of Black America (whatever your political affiliation). I’d love to know your personal perspectives and stories if you want to share them. My DMs are always open.