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📲 Wknd #WeatherToday by @WeatherChannel on @quibi ☀️ L.A. Freelancer: @foxla 🗣 #ventriloquism -2020 goal ✝️ 2 Timothy 1:7 😍 1/2 Black 1/2 Mexican
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I haven’t wore my hair like this since high school and I’m liking it lolol. These 90’s styles that are back are just 💃🏽😻 and I’m totally here for it. I’m also loving the early 00’s styles and 60’s styles so yeah, what about you? Want any particular decade to come back in style (fashion wise)? #redondobeach #goldenhour
We are so silly and I love it. Silly sunset Redondo Beach dances with my love @davidrbrackett #lovelife #marriedlife #interracialcouple
Aw I’m enjoying these segments even more with recent news of Quibi shutting down 💕 Your Saturday #WeatherToday by @weatherchannel on #quibi. I’m so proud of our team and what we’ve created, I think I’ll post more thoughts tomorrow. 🥰 #leapoffaith #trynewthings
Go on with your bad self and put a dent in the universe! 🌠 We’ve got one life so go ahead, have fun and make it count. This is hubby’s shirt and now it’s mine because I like the saying so much and it reminds me of Star Wars for some reason 🤩 Here’s to finishing off the work week with all the #positivevibes. I’ll be working this weekend so tune in to @foxla 📺
Puppeta and Slothy have been bonding while I’ve been working... the other day, they decided to take a nap together. I think Puppeta is enjoying the company but I’m worried Slothy is getting a little clingy. I’ll have to show you guys their interactions, but for now, here’s this sleepy duo! Lol the only time I get peace and quiet 🤪 #Puppeta #amateur #ventriloquist
Socially distanced and throwing up our best LA signs for @dodgers 🥳 I feel like our signs got a little murky here but we get an A for effort and the fact we’re both wearing our blue counts for a solid A+ 🤗
A little early for #tbt but this was from when we were packing up our house in Georgia and I decided to have a fashion show and try on clothes. I’m so ready for this fall weather and a chance for rain this weekend here in SoCal! I may have to find it in storage and bust it out. Don’t mind the room chaos either, we were packing 💁🏽‍♀️ #fallfashion #fallvibes
Hey! The month of October is National Filipino Heritage Month and I’m highlighting Biologist Angel Alcala, who has made awesome strides for the science community in the Philippines! 🥳 Take a peek at Angel’s contributions, how awesome is he! 👏🏽 #NationalFilipinoHeritageMonth @foxla
WHEN THEY TELL YOU THEY NEED TO CHECK YOUR KEY WHILE YOU GET YOUR SHAKE ON. Why does it seem like I’m yelling lolol #behindthescenes #meteorologist #danceitout
I like this pic even though my hair got a little messed up because I was rushing to get my IFB and mic on, take a pic then finish up getting ready before my first weather hit while also being photobombed by the @bobbydtv lolol 🌦 Do we have rain in the forecast?? 😯 Maybe, tune in @foxla this week and see what I’m talking about! #socalweather #meteorologist
This is how I celebrated day 16 of 16 working a combo of Quibi & Fox11 and of course @chasing_christinaaa was down 👯‍♀️😆

Newport Beach, California

It’s the fluffy palm tree for me 💁🏽‍♀️ Side note... who comes up with these sayings that go viral? Or any slang for that matter? Like who is the very first person to be like, that’s fun to say and convince a ton of other people to join in. I wonder about these things but then at the same time, I’m not too worried about it because it’s just the randomness for me lol. #randomthoughts
A day late but who can resist snow + pups?! Did you know you can watch past episodes of #WeatherToday by @weatherchannel on @quibi on the app? Just head to our show page and click on Sunday’s show and you’ll be able to spot moi 😉 #applife #meteorologist
Monday lewk, I took a little social media break yesterday for my one day off so now I’m ready to be social again 🤪 See you guys at Noon this week on @foxla! Earrings by @themodmax 🤩
My forever crush 😍 And the Guava Sours were good! #hubbilicious
Inferno views on your Saturday episode of #WeatherToday by @weatherchannel on @quibi 💔
I figured I’d stick to my job and focus on the weather 😆 That and especially the fact that I’m a married woman 💍 Lol it was all fun and games during the Noon show on @foxla with @bobbydtv and @_vanessaborge

Korakia Pensione

Have you ever had a book that you just can’t put down and start to fly through it but then once you near the end of it, you read slowly so you can relish in it because you really don’t want it to end? This was that book for me. History, science, and major gemstone envy collides in this book by @ajaraden. I’m on this historical book kick, so next up for me is a book about Faberge’s eggs... any new reads for you?