France / Noisy-Le-Sec After a first mural painting in Stains representing Adama Traore and Georges Floyd, the committee in Traore inaugurated yesterday, Sunday 12 July, a new mural in Noisy-le-Sec, along the Ourq canal, a few metres from the Romy Schneider footbridge. The Black Lines collective, which created this painting, drew the word "Justice" on a wall several meters high, with a portrait of Assa Traore wearing his "Justice for Adama" t-shirt over it. On the right was drawn a representation of Eugene Delacroix's painting "Freedom guiding the people". @lepictorium_agency Photo : @_jswhitley #justicepouradama #justiceforfloyd #blacklivesmatter #noisylesec #blacklinescollective #justice #social #society #assatraore #graffiti #paris #france


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Gubbio, mia figlia mi indica la strada per la redenzione... 😂😂😂


Ricordi, balla coi cinghiali...


Original sovietic boy 😎😎😎


A volte ritornano... 😂😂😂



Giornate alcoliche pesanti: il disgusto e la strafottenza. Cit. Davide Rebagliati 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



Playa De Barrika. Bizkaia.

📍B a r r i k a [ Bizkaia ] 🌊 de las playas con más encanto de Bizkaia (en mi opinión 😜) peeeero no para ir a la playa porque es de difícil acceso -sobretodo si vas con bártulos-, pero si merecen las vistas y sacar unas fotitos 📸😂👌🏼 ~ Os dejo otras de las playas más bonitas!👇🏼 . 🌾Meñakoz en Barrika (dificil acceso para el baño también; subiendo por un camino de monte unos 5min hay unas vistas preciosas) . 🌾Aizkorri (Gorrondatxe) en Getxo, se accede bajando durante unos 10min . 🌾Laga en Ibarrangelu (fácil acceso) . 🌾Laida en Ibarrangelu (fácil acceso) . 🌾La salvaje (Barinatxe) en Sopelana . 🌾Arrietara en Sopelana . 🌾playa de Bakio (facil acceso) por la carretera que va hacia San Juan de Gaztelugatxe hay un mirador hacia la playa muy chulo . 🌾Karraspio en Lekeitio (fácil acceso) . . . . . . #bizkaia #basquecountry #basquecoast #basquecoastline #cotebasque #paysbasque #euskadi #visiteuskadi #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #beach #beachlife #summervibes


⁣ ⁣ Elusive street artist, @banksy has taken to the London Underground dressed as a professional cleaner to create his latest piece ‘If You Don’t Mask, You Don’t Get’, providing commentary on the coronavirus pandemic. The work which was uploaded to the artist's Instagram in a video titled ‘London Underground undergoes deep clean’ was later unknowingly removed by cleaners. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Our Artistic Director, @maevedoyle.art discussed her perspective on the latest Banksy piece with @bbcnews.




I’m taking a week off from work for my mental health because BOY have I been feeling rough lately. Kelly and I went camping this week and this is one of the only pictures I took because I wanted to stay off my phone. A bit of backstory: I left our campsite to hike some trash to the nearest dumpster, and when I came back I found the pups hanging out but Kelly was nowhere to be seen. I assumed she left to go to the bathroom so I went back to doing chores. It was completely silent except the wind, cicadas, and what sounded like... giggles? After a few minutes of hearing sporaddic giggles but not seeing anyone, I looked up to find Kelly hiding in the trees like the fucking Predator. It scared the shit out of me but I couldn’t stop laughing. She really brightened my day and we had a blast camping. Vacation has been awesome so far and I urge everyone to take care of themselves PHYSICALLY by exercising, social distancing, and wearing masks and EMOTIONALLY by taking breaks from the news and taking time off work when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Stay safe everyone. @kellygeefit