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We avoid over 2,000 toxic ingredients and perform over 500 tests per product before we ever introduce a new product to you. Because we believe you should *never* have to choose between purity and performance. 💧: @ritualofme #GoGreekBeauty
Apply, sleep, wake up to plumper, tighter, replenished skin. #GoGreekBeauty
There's a new addition to our plumping, tightening line of Black Pine products: say hello to 3D Sculpting, Firming & Lifting Tensing Gel. This daily targeted treatment is designed to tighten and firm the appearance of the neck and décolleté. Designed with that area's delicate skin in mind, its gel-like texture sinks in quickly to smooth wrinkles and improves tone. Find it on Korres.com. #GoGreekBeauty
Your skin called. It told us it wants this cleanser. (Find it at @sephora.)💧: @eclecticinthecity
“We started over 20 years ago, when ‘naturals’ was not the trend it is today. With an always-in-progress list of more than 1,500 ingredients to avoid, we are continuously committed to developing natural, effective, clean, safe formulas for you.” –Sofia Zisimou, Head of Research & Development in Formulation
@eclecticinthecity has that Greek Glow Effect thanks to our Greek Yoghurt Mask and Moisturizer. Do you? What’s your skincare routine? Tell us in the comments 👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿
We hope you’re walking to the polls to vote early this year, because every single one counts. Let your voice be heard. Visit vote.org to find the polling station or ballot box nearest you, early voting locations, registration information, and more 🗳
The Essentials Discovery Kit is truly the perfect gift for anyone, These beloved products—in a miniature size—work for any skin type or concern, ideal for both skincare newbies and gurus alike. 💧: @ritualofme
Our line of Apothecary Fragrances is clean so you can feel good about smelling amazing. Each one is naturally preserved with the power of Rosmarinus, a natural antioxidant. All are also free of synthetic ingredients and compounds such as petroleum-derived mineral oils, silicones, propylene glycol, ammonia, and more. #GoGreekBeauty
Greece isn’t just our home—it inspires our imaginations 🇬🇷🔮 Here, the land & sea are wrapped in a deep sense of meaning that goes beyond our senses. What inspires you? Tell us in the comments 👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿
Did you know that going through menopause may be the reason go-to products aren’t working as well as they used to? That is why we designed our White Pine Meno-Reverse collection, specifically for post-menopausal skin. The perfect gift for you, your friends, or your mom this holiday season. Because you have more important things to worry about than your skincare. #GoGreekBeauty
Today is #WorldMenopauseDay. Launched in 1984, its purpose is to raise awareness and provide support options for improving health and well-being. Whether you've experienced menopause for yourself or you know someone who has, this "change" is one we should celebrate and not shun. Did you know we created a private Facebook group, a safe space for related conversation? DM us to learn more 🗣
Give the gift of deeply hydrated, smooth skin this winter with our Juicy Guava Bites duo. This gift-ready body care kit in our best-selling Guava scent will transport you to the beaches of Greece, the exact location of our dreams. #GoGreekBeauty
Straight from our founder to you. We asked Lena Korres to hand-pick some of her favorite go-to gifts this holiday season 🎁 Today only, discover them all and get 25% off on Korres.com. #GoGreekBeauty
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Καρπενήσι, Ευρυτανία, Greece

End the week on a chill note. This relaxing technique will help: breathe in for 4️⃣ seconds, hold your breath for 7️⃣ seconds, and then exhale for 8️⃣ seconds. (view by @no.ra.ki)
We want your holiday gifting prep to feel calm, not chaotic. That's why—today only—we are offering you $🔟 off any gift set on Korres.com. We tried to think of any excuse for you to not take advantage of this opportunity but came up empty 🤷‍♀️ #GoGreekBeauty
Avoid the lines—click over to Korres.com to explore our gift shop, designed with you (and ease!) in mind. Find a kit for a specific skin type or concern, order a digital gift card, or add to your personal wishlist. We are at your service to make this holiday season the calmest yet. #GoGreekBeauty