I'll be out of town until next year so my accounting @dashay_brown_cpa came through so I can have everything in order for the new year😃 He got to see behind the scenes of our set & the work that we put into these shoots. #milanodirouge


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Got my new favourite tattoo the other day!!! Gravity Falls was a show I loved watching with my twin brother and if you’re not familiar with the show the show is about two mystery solving twins, Mabel and Dipper. Mabel always wore different pattern jumpers in each episodes so for my tattoo I wanted it to be the trans pride flag colours for my brother. #gravityfalls #gravityfallstattoo #gravityfallsfan


Yeah buddy


Happy International Surfing Day from Da Brats! Its flat as a sausage patty rn but we are always grateful to have these incredible lakes in our backyard and a reason to explore them 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 #freshwatersurfing #wisconsin #great lakes #lakemichigan #surfing



The boys always get stoked when someone throws some spray 📸 @coldwaterpeople 🏄🏼‍♂️ @adamkuhnen 👏 @baumgart_kevin #freshwatersurfing #wisconsin #great lakes #lakemichigan #surfing #lostsurfboards #uberdriverxl


El Bratwurst

Hoping we break this flat spell soon... here’s an old one from 2015 or so 📸 @rustymalk 🦆@adamkuhnen #freshwatersurfing #wisconsin #great lakes #lakemichigan #surfing


Bratislava Zoo

You may have been asking yourself “how do the brat boys get outside so fast??!” Well now you know...


Bratsberg, Sør-Trøndelag

Sometimes you wonder, "will it be worth the drive?" It almost always is. Andy, Nate and a handful of homies pulled the trigger on a summer north strike last Sat. along with 📸@blyssmark, capturing some of the stoke... #freshwatersurfing #wisconsin #great lakes #lakemichigan #surfing #lostsurfboards #puddlejumper #rocketredux


Messy room, but progress. Never give up on stay motivated 💪🏽
I'm colder than snow season when it's twenty below freezin 📷 - @baariksgallery



Pagi2 dpt box cristmas.. tq pd yg memberi..