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hot girls vote ***For Biden
welcome to my kitchen! I was in the middle of making iced tea (my secret recipe? pouring hot tea over ice cubes!) but unfortunately I forgot to make any ice. so I stopped to take a selfie. I am not icy I am not a glacier boy ☹️❄️
this city is so effing ugly but I love it so so much (which btw is the reason I’m 10000% ending up with a comedian, big personality over looks gal) (tag my future husband if you have any ideas)
My mom. She is an early childhood educator who has been working crazy hard these last few months to make sure her kids are getting the education and development that they need during Covid. That’s why I am voting for @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris- our educators deserve better than what the current administration is putting them through! Remember your vote is not just for you. It’s for the hundreds of thousands who are no longer with us due to covid, police brutality, climate disasters, and for all future generations as well. Join me by visiting iwillvote.com or clicking the link in my bio to make sure you’re registered! I nominate @michaelaokland @abbygovindan and @ileenbajo to join me in the #ImVotingFor challenge!
good evening ladies, what are we crying about tonight? if any of u say a man I stg...... (top is @revolve @h.ours )
I felt very cute last night :) Unfortunately at the moment I look like the ghost of a victorian child and I am trying extremely hard to not throw up my bacon egg and cheese so I guess the lesson is that nothing gold can stay • • ok sweater is @superdown // jeans are @abercrombie // necklace is @princesspollyboutique
transition weather is nice but the day it’s finally chilly enough to wear a fluffy sweater and get a hot pumpkin spice latte everyone needs to watch the fuck out. I will absolutely slap you with my sleeves. that’s why I buy my sweaters a size up
every once in a while I’ll be having a wonderful day and then I’ll remember the time I met cody ko and just forgot how human beings are supposed to act. I just stared and waved! like an animatronic wax figure on the worst disneyland ride ever invented! if any of my exes are reading this, I don’t lie awake thinking about you, I lie awake thinking about that 🥴🤘
POV: we’re on a date and you say you think Aang and Katara were good together 🤢 (only correct answer is Katara and Zuko just TRY and fight me on this)
when you picture yourself meeting the love of your life I bet you think you’ll be looking your best, right? well. i’m here to tell you that actually, you might look like a bedraggled swamp rat. you might in fact look like the corpse bride. and that is valid too. anyway look at my cool pants!!
this is a picture from a few months ago and i’m only posting it because somehow, despite barely leaving my house for the last 6 months, I have lost this dress. just no clue where it is! it’s gone! gone where, couldn’t tell ya. but she’s missing. so RIP my dress press F to pay your respects
POV: I’m your girlfriend and I know what you did to fuck up but I’m just serenely waiting for you to lie to me so I can break up with you (EDIT: this caption has made so many fragile men mad for ?? reasons it’s making me miss twitter)
this is before I had a fucking crisis and shaved off half my eyebrows so I could draw them on straight because I saw it in a youtube video and anyway no new pictures til they grow back
be honest.......if I showed up at your party would you have me? would you want me? would you tell me to go fuck myself or lead me to the garden? 👀 (pls comment your favorite song or lyric from folklore cuz i’m fucking obsessed may never get over it was up til 4 am thinking about it)
LONG CAPTION ALERT read at your own risk lol ‼️ idk who needs to hear this but not every day can be a bad day. simply not sustainable. eventually you’re bound to have a good one, even if it takes a while and oh baby is it taking a while lmfao!! anyway we’re crying, we’re thriving, we’re sweating because it’s 99 degrees, we’re taking our masks off for 17 seconds and hoping we get a good shot for the ‘gram in that time frame, we’re signing petitions, we’re washing our hands, we’re thinking about all the memes we’re probably missing on twitter while we take a mental health break, we’re livin my dudes 🤙🥴 love u all deeply and hey, here’s hoping that tomorrow might be a good day!! comment ur favorite emoji if u made it to the end miss u guys
idk about your but i’m feeling 24 (it’s not a typo it rhymes this way stop hating on me)
why does this look like an ad for the water bottle lmao anyway my advice for today is just take selfies in public who gives a shit do what you want
remember like 5 years ago when people would post pictures like hashtag no makeup! hashtag no filter! and it was just hashtag humble bragging? anyway,,,, if you’re wondering I have dry skin & every night I use @summerfridays jetlag mask and @kiehls avocado eye cream. would love a serum rec if anyone has one 😌