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82 Years Old 🕑 Gymshark Athlete 💪 Youtube 🎞 ↘️All My Stuff 🏋️‍♂️🧬📺🎤
Related #recoverycomplete#euphoriapre#preinjuryarchive#arri
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Time to start playing with a face mask again
The Euphoria of training again after many weeks off the gym🤯 #recoverycomplete #euphoriapre

Papaya Playa Project

When your favorite gym gets closed down and all you have left is 📸
My friend @kylekirvay currently a few weeks out from his show. I’ve always wanted to use Rammstein for training video, but I do not / never will have enough muscle mass to pull it off successfully 😂, so here you go ft. @kylekirvay 🎞

New York, New York

new vlog cam / quarantine dumbbell #preinjuryarchive #arri
Waiting for the world to return to normal🏒
Just finished up a “1 ON 1 SESSION” @iron.revolution gym 💪 can’t wait for the world to fully open again 🌎
POWER Collection Launching this Thursday @gymshark
About a month in on a vegan diet, definitely lost some weight but I feel much better and have way more energy, planning on continuing 🌱