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The entire Christina Home Designs Collection is now available!! - link in my bio. Use the dealer locator tab on the website to search where to purchase near you. ALL dealers will have access to Christina Home Designs.
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Season 9 ?!! How can it be? I can still picture making a pitch video for flip or flop in 2010. I was pregnant with Tay sitting on the couch in our San Clemente condo (with a home video camera on us) wondering what crazy idea Tarek was getting me into now. I was thinking no way will this go anywhere, but it was worth a shot. God will always open doors meant to open, and this one opened wide. 🙏🏼 Even after babies , divorces, and engagements the show continues.... I am beyond grateful for this crazy ride - it’s been a lot of things, (including bug infested and rancid smells) but it’s never been boring. 🌪 #FlipOrFlop premieres Thursday at 9 pm- don’t miss it! ♥️
Smooth As Tennessee Whiskey 🍁
For those of you who don’t know me (or think you know me) let me reintroduce myself. I hate crowds, I love traveling, all things spiritual, the ocean and deep one on one conversations. I never thought about being on tv. I wanted to be a sports agent like Jerry Maguire. But I always loved looking at houses with my parents especially model homes and I always wanted to be my own boss... So in college when I was called (intuitively) to get my real estate license at a local community college I followed my intuition. I got started in real estate at 21 which led to selling houses which led to flipping houses which led to Tv. Now while I never wanted to be on tv, stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown has always been my thing. I live in a state of anxiousness and I’m so used to it that when it’s not there I tend to feel a void and hop into something that causes the feeling I’m used to. This can be good and bad. And it’s one of the things I’m working on breaking the pattern of. Sometimes anxiety and pursuit of new dreams leads me down amazing paths, other times it leaves me feeling lost and in a state of fight or flight / or crying in my closet. Tv changed my life and I am grateful for the life it’s provided, the experiences, the friends I’ve made along the way. Sometimes our calling is bigger than our plans. I never thought I would have one divorce let alone two. I never thought I would have 2 baby daddies - but sometimes life throws us curve balls. Instead of getting stuck in these “setbacks” I choose to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow. So while some may judge me and throw around rumors about me, most of you support me. And that says a lot about this world and where we are headed. I’m messy, I’m real and I’m working on healing. I’m surrounded by extremely powerful women who help me cope, build me up and push me to be better. If you’ve DM me or text me - I haven’t written back because I’m taking time to clear the “noise” and focus on myself and the kids. I appreciate the support and I hope my story inspires you to not be so hard on yourself for the decisions / choices you’ve made. We are all a work in progress. ✨♥️
Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet , smart, beautiful girl. Taylor you light up my life and challenge me in all the best ways. Not a day goes by where you don’t tell me how much you love me and hug me tight. I 🙏🏼we always have this tight bond. I LOVE being your mama. You are so fun to be around and I love how you always keep me on my toes. 10 years with you has been everything to me. I love you!!!Taylor was supposed to go to Paris with Tarek’s mom and step dad - but because of circumstances we brought Paris to us. Thank you to my friends at @goldenarroweventsanddesign for bringing it to life - no doubt I couldn’t have planned this without you. Design/Balloons: @goldenarroweventsanddesign Florals: @penelopepotsfloraldesign Backdrop: @christopherlorddesigns Laser Cut Goods: @creativeamme Desserts: @sweetdeetails Photography: @caitlinalohilaniphoto Kids Craft: @little_artist_party Rentals: @createaparty
Ant and I have made the difficult decision to separate. We are grateful for each other and as always, our children will remain our priority. We appreciate your support and ask for privacy for us and our family as we navigate the future.
Remember the @dishnetwork shoot from a while back? 🎥 take a peek! So happy to have worked on this project 2 years in a row. I’m voting beach vibes 🌊 but mountains are good too! 😉⛰
When my Bf makes me a necklace + bracelet at school- best gift everrrr ♥️
All new season (Season 9 😱) of flip or flop premieres Thursday October 15 at 9pm. Who would have thought we would make it to 9 seasons ?! Grateful for a job I love on a network I love. ♥️ @hgtv
Happy 1️⃣ Birthday Hudson! Sweet, sensitive, busy boy ... can’t wait for you to be chasing your siblings around the house soon 😎 - we love you 💙
Season 3 vibes ⚡️
All new #christinaonthecoast tonight at 9pm! This home came out beyond stunning!! I especially love that we got to furnish this home with my new furniture collection “Christina Home Design” with @spectrahomefurniture . (Avail this December) -check out my story to see the fabric swatches 😍
Tay and Rosé
Big 5️⃣!!!! Happy birthday to my sweet boy #BraydenJames ... My little shadow, my light, my joy my heart - you make me laugh every single day. I hope you ask me to blast the music and dance for me forever. ♥️ love you bray bray.
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