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I know nothing about me. she/her.
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International cat day sounds like the perfect time to share some more pictures of Tonks and Teddy. (Non-glamour shots at the end)
Mom brought home this sweet girl today. Happy gotcha day, Vixen!
Happy Gotcha Day to my tiny queen. My high school graduation present to myself. I had NO idea what I was doing 10 years ago, but I love you so much. (Swipe to the end for Day One Tonks content)
Lady left us this morning. She was the sweetest and sassiest dog I’ve ever known. From a skinny, tiny bag of bones when we got her my senior year of high school to the happy and healthy queen she’s been for the last 10 and a half years. Thank you for trying to mother Tonks when I was busy, and thank you for being the best. We will miss you so much. RIP Lady 🖤💔
Happy 1st Birthday Teddy 🥳🥳 enjoy some of the best Teddy Content from the past year. He’s come a long way from the tiny dude crying under a park bench. I’m very glad someone at work found you and I’m very glad we got you (even if it was 6 days before we moved into a new place)
My quarantine coworkers on their perch (and a glimpse behind my workstation that I’ll have been working at for a month tomorrow) #stayhome #workfromhome
Happy Pet Day to the best gremlins we could ever ask for (and the socks they continuously steal) 🖤
Last night 🖤🦇
Happy Halloween from my adorable #tbt homemade bunny self from circa 1993 🦇🖤
I may be biased, but I think we have the world’s cutest children.
Happy birthday to my absolute favorite person 🖤

Sunset Rock On Lookout Mt

Turns out I’m still terrified of heights
I took my cat for a stroll today
In the end, I wanna be standing at the beginning with you 🖤 (told this guy I thought I loved him exactly 365 days ago, which is a big deal. thanks for saying it back)

Zoo Atlanta

Sunday is for 🐼 #zooatlanta
Everyone loves a bandwagon: 2009 vs 2018. My eyebrows DEFINITELY improved and there’s so much more happiness in 2018 Bree. (swipe to the end for an honorable mention. I’m not sure why I thought tying a literal shoelace around my neck as a choker was a good idea, but we all made mistakes)
Profile vs tagged
Happy birthday @rickyc452 - I love you and you are the best boyfriend I could have ever hoped for. 🥳🥳 (I didn’t take the first picture, but it is my absolute favorite picture of you that exists)