What’s up everyone!! Brynn is in Clovis tonight and she’s here to serve you your favorite iced premium espresso drink until 8 tonight! Come say hi❤️🥰


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She's adorable
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Omg she is stunning! 😍🔥
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เหมือนจาง่วงนอนนะพี่ตูน 🤔🙄😷😁




Alexandria, Virginia

My virual toast: Alles gute zum Geburtstag!




Alexandria, Virginia

Fact: It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one man uses within his lifetime. Installed the first Bidet! I'd invite everyone over but you know... Pretty exciting things happening in the #Warnerlicious household! #savetheearth🌎 #bidetlife




Para todos nuestros amigos, somos carne de res pero no solo cortes especiales y carne madurada tenemos de todo, para todos los gustos y presupuesto, tenemos pollo 🐓 semi criollo, tenemos carne de cerdo certificada, pescado y todos los adicionales para tus asados, quieres saber más? Llámanos o escríbenos al 3116514938 #carnemadurada #carnefina #expendiodecarne #yopal #yopalcasanare #amor #maduracionenseco
One of my favorite tables to date. Get yours today! Link in bio. 💎 . . . . . . #epoxyresin #epoxy #epoxytable #epoxycountertops #woodworking #custommade #art #diningtable #walnut #clearepoxy #f4f #follow #like


I am thrilled (excited, daunted, existentially quaked) to have been chosen to join the @bethmorrisonprojects Producer Academy to work on my fledgling opera “Inside Out”. (link to listen to incubating work samples on SoundCloud in my bio!). The @prototypefest brought Beth Morrison Projects to my attention and when they announced their Producer Academy, I thought “I have to do this, if they’ll have me.” I have been wanting to start work on the opera for a year or so, and our Covid “lockdown” gave me the opportunity to flesh out some ideas on Logic. Inside Out juxtaposes popular and operatic vocal styles to portray the potential emotional outbursts of abuse victims, especially women. The opera is meant to give victims a new story that empowers them. The characters access emotions that are more functional when they immediately voice their fears, shown parallel to their instinctive freeze state. We will see the abuse victims step out of their paralysis with the visceral sound of “screaming” in their own defense. The scream will be their singing in an operatic style while using method acting to access the true affect within the sound. I believe that writing vocal lines that range from popular to operatic style will allow the characters to have a more powerful expression of emotion. The performance is not meant to shame abuse victims for going into freeze states, which are perfectly natural responses to abuse, but to help abuse victims process their fear in a way that provides catharsis and perspective. They will find more effective mastery of the scenes in their real life, accessing emotions that will be more functional in those situations. I hope they may find themselves feeling less threatened. I was a victim of emotional and physical abuse, and I was dumbfounded at how long I stayed in the relationship. I was too frightened to respond. I want this piece to help me and other abuse victims feel validated, knowing they can draw a boundary with the abuser, and making it easier for them to leave the dangerous situation.


Andro Corp Industries

Last chance. Click the link in our bio or the landing page on the website. We draw tomorrow and one of you will win this rifle! Everyone else will have donated to an amazing foundation #GarySeniseFoundation It’s a win win you guys. Helping those that help us! We appreciate all of your support. Winner will be drawn tomorrow afternoon live on IG! Raffle closes tomorrow at noon!



Bom, no meio dessa crise eu quero abrir a cabeça, dar opções pra quem quer vir pra Itália ou já está aqui e tá desempregado, são algumas opções de cursos gratuitos oferecidos pela a região da Lombardia para pessoas desempregadas ingressarem no mercado de trabalho! Mas Thiago, onde encontrar? Eu poderia deixar aqui vários links, porém basta colocar no Google “corsi disoccupati - Milão” ou no caso a cidade que você está! Lembrando! Alguns cursos são para quem tem mais de 30 anos, outros pra quem tá desempregado a mais de quatro meses, alguns são para todos, então fique atento na escolha! Eai, curtiu? Salve, compartilhe e ajude aquele seu amigo que pretende se mudar pra cá ou já mora pra Itália 🙏🏻💪🏻🇮🇹 . . . . . . . . . . . #engenhariaitalia #brasileirosnaitalia #brasileirospelomundo #brasiliani #cidadaniaitaliana


ティアラワークのお誘い とっても素敵なティアラ 一緒に作ってみませんか 密集を避け、間隔を開けてのワークショップを計画しました 1テーブルにお一人ずつ御着席いただき、可愛いティアラを制作する約1〜2時間のワークとなります 日時 2020年11月7日(日) 11時〜 場所 浅草橋 参加費 お一人おひとつティアラ5000円 講師 真理子先生 DMでご連絡くださいませ 参加される方には場所など詳細を後日お伝えいたします ※2週間前までキャンセル可 ※わんこ同伴不可 ランチもデザートもめちゃくちゃ美味しいのでワーク後はご一緒できたらランチしましょう(自由参加) シルバーかゴールドのどちらかを選んでくださいね 多頭飼いの方は、お家で作れるキットもご用意しますので御用命ください クシ型パッチンをつけることも出来ます #ワークショップ #ハンドメイド #ティアラ