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My hair much anime right now
Looking like a TFTeacher today kek Today is finals of worlds...3 out of the final 8 are EU overlords Catch the stream IN 30 MINUTES at
Felt cute in the new offline merch
Just squid cheesing 🦑
My apartment is now just a big dog pen. Stream is live at
My baby went to the groomers and came back a floof
REST IN PEACE BYRON. I realized I didn’t post on here, so swipe to read. the comments have been pretty toxic but maybe I’m internalizing my guilt because I’m actively seeking out the negative ones to make myself feel worse. But don’t worry, logically I know it wasn’t my fault. We had been broken up for half a year. Thank you to everyone sending me love. I’m sending it back to all of you grieving
Had more of these cool pictures so I’m gonna post them ^^
Long time no post! My hair is getting long and I’m proud of my quarantine roots
Felt pretty today, ahh days are getting lonely
Don’t forget to check out the new mobile game about the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” and check out the free @TwitchPrime loot you can get! Download for your phone here: Here’s me playing it: @7ds.en #ad
Say hello to quarantine thigh, the largest of the thigh breeds
‪ATTEMPTING 24 HOUR SET 3 STREAM NOW!‬ ‪‬ ‪Enjoy this picture of my Quarantine donuts for the house‬
Woo! Made it to day 2 with the second most points in my group 🤯🤯 me happy, thanks for supporting me I will rest up for tomorrow and try not to stream for 11 hours on a tournament day so my brain doesn’t implode RNG GODS HELP ME
☺️ stream live in 10 minutes