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What a wild ride blockchain ⛓has been. . This time last year, we created an organization [@thewomenofcrypto] with the simple mission : to encourage the inclusion of #women in the blockchain/crypto space. 💪🏽At the time, the underrepresentation was staggering. . We started a movement to create a #diverse community celebrating gender neutrality, with the desire to see women in leadership positions, featured in the media, and leading conversations as event headliners. . A few weeks ago we hosted the main stage for an entire day at #LaBlockchainWeek. 🤩We showcased an all #female line up of 25 thought leaders, founders, CEOs, journalists, podcast hosts, and growth hackers. . It was extraordinary. . I believe in the decentralized movement to create a better world and challenge the status quo, and that it’s crucial to have a woman’s perspective and leadership while building this new world. . The revolution is here 💯 . We want women to have a front row seat in this #revolution.