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A live performance for @plus44uk AND a tour announcement ➡️ 🌟🚀🎯 tickets on sale Thursday! 🥳


THE DÉBUT MIXTAPE... DUTCH FROM THE 5TH OUT 06.11.20 pre-sale available NOW! Link in bio 👑‼️ I’m so new to the team but already so proud of what everyone has done and the main man himself, he’s unstoppable 👑⭐️ @dutchavelli JUST GETTING STARTED! 🙌🏼


The levels keep rising! Movie Maker 🎬 @mrmorrisson & @harryjamesworld 🔥🔥🔥 THIS FRIDAY 12PM MIDDAY 🚀 Morrisson YouTube Channel. Be there‼️


Work hard party hard 🐆


OUT NOW 💯🥃👑 STARDOM ft M24 ‘100x’ 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵


OUT NOW NOW NOW 🛫🛫🚀🚀 Dutch From The 5th. Such an elite project ⭐️ #DFT5


Last Sat I went out for food, this Sat I’m at home in my pyjamas writing up PRS splits... balance ⚖️ lol


WHAT’S GOODIE! Out now 🌟🚀 Directed by @snatchy 💣👌🏼 @bandokaay_ofb @doublelz_ofb Produced by @m1onthebeatproducer @era_thekid


🤩📍⭐️ @amazonmusicuk @dellessa 🙌🏼❤️


Happy Birthday to my fave ❤️👑 love you always


Emotional! Video of the year! Big Morrisson Ft M24 MOVIE! 🎬✈️🌟 Out NOW! Link in bio Produced by @lekaagotwings


STARDOM ft M24 100x out THIS FRIDAY 🎬🚨🍿

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