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❤️❤️ Good Morning Modesto! Megan (@buebarista_megs) and Jess (@baristabue_jess) are at 4120 Dale rd whipping up hot Sweet Cheeks with white coffee! They are here until 12 ❤️❤️


Happy Sunday!! Nina (@ninaa_baaby_) is at the bakersfield stand come get a hot sweet señorita with white coffee! she'll be there till noon!


happy wednesday! lexi ( @bue_lexi ) is serving up hot white mochas with added shots at the marysville stand! lexi will be there until 7💓


#WhatWaistWarriorpartner--Get into this look! #WhatWaistWarrior #BSimone is looking so cute and so snatched as she rocks her @whatwaistofficial define band. The secret to keeping that waist snatched is a @whatwaistofficial define band! When paired with activity, the compression tech and sweat tech in each define band work to sweat that waist away!  Available now at Get yours NOW! Summer will be here before you know it. @whatwaistofficial


#TSRPositiveImages: #MissyElliott blessing people on Al Gore’s innanet. She just paid for this bride’s wedding dress. 👰🏾


#PressPlay: #TSRBaeWatch—#SummerWalker and #LondonOnDaTrack out here playing Love & Basketball!! ❤️🏀


Sacramento, California

I V Y 💚 P A R K Woman’s 7.5 ‼️ F O R S A L E ‼️ Bought these for a gift, they’re too big . . ‼️ S O L D ‼️


#goddessuniqueproductspartner-- class="break-word" href="/goddessuniqueproducts">@goddessuniqueproducts Goddess Unique is out here saving lives one skin cell at a time. Check out these amazing results from a loyal customers who has consistently used our Luxurious Skincare Collection. They cleared up dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and acne with our Clear Up Your Skin Bundle 2.0. Give your skin what you deserve and invest in yourself with Goddess Unique today. Shop our luxury skincare collection and get free shipping with your order when you spend $75 and up . Link in the bio @goddessuniqueproducts


Jenn ( @_jennkay ) is at the Prescott stand in Modesto today! Grab a BUE mask while we have them in stand! Get it before she's gone at 5


⚠️IMPORTANT!!!⚠️ Our Yosemite location will be closed on Saturday, Nov 21st, and Sunday, Nov 22nd due to a BUE beauty treatment 💅 We’ll see you back on Monday, Nov 23rd at 4AM #BUE


I found the perfect birthday card for my dad! 😂🤣👌🏽 #happybirthday #scorpio #laughoutloud #love


Note to self, don’t overthink running just do it. 🏃🏻‍♀️🐢✅ #runningmotivation #healthykids #fbb #fitover50 #cancersucks

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Good news! Today is the day... THE SEARCH IS ON for the next @sugarlulu13 influencers! Lots of perks! Check out these exclusive influencer leggings!💙 . SugarLULU girls check your email for details on how to become one of the next influencers!!! This opportunity is open to all Sugarlulu girls that meet the requirements and are interested in helping promote the brand in a bigger way. Not a sugarlulu girl yet? Sign up now! No obligations, no cost! Let them know I sent you! ~ dancing_jayleigh . . 💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙 Crop:@@hollisterco Exclusive Influencer leggings: @sugarlulu13 Use code: dancing_jayleigh to save 25% off your first order ~ 💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙💃🏻💙 #sugarlulugirls #sugarlulustyle #sugarluluinfluencer #hollister #sugarlulumodelsquad #vans #sweetstyle2streetstyle #tiedye #athleisure #tiedyeleggings #kindnessmatters #sweetlife #dance #influencer #sweet #iyt111620 #exclusive #perks #sugarlulu #dancingjayleigh


Middlezoy, Somerset, United Kingdom

Paul Childs is making good progress on the Alvis Leonides at the research and development shed aka Plum Lane #percivalprovost #pistonprovost #alvisleonides #engine



When you need a touch of blue to jazz up your outfit, it must be #tuesdaybluesday 💙 . . Absolutely love this Lacey braid. It can dress up any look! 💙 Check out this and other braids @madisonbraids and use my code: Jayleigh15 💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙 Lacey braid: @madisonbraids 💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙🌿💙 . #ad #partnership #influencer #madisonbraids #laceybraid #all_talent_feature #lacebraid #relevetothetop #DGCNfeature #parkermayfeature #bluesday #blue #iyt101320 #yamg1020 #braid #lacey #dancingjayleigh


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Fair weather today so some flying... #se5a #falconar #zenair #aviationphotography


Middlezoy Aerodrome

Middlezoy Sqaudron Dinner 26th Sept 2020 Simon Childs was the Chef and did a fantastic job. Only six of us could attend :-( Dave L, Dave J, Rick, Mike & Keith. Paul & other friends/helpers were all sadly missed. After this Covid crap has gone, we will make up for it big time! Cheers!


Middlezoy's Dave Linney AFC RAF Retd (an ex Harrier pilot) flying a replica SE5a WW1 fighter accompanied by Mike Laundy cfs RAF Retd (ex Victor B2 bomber pilot) flying a 1946 vintage Aeronca Champion. 29th September 2020 over Weston-super-Mare. Battle of Britain 80th. Photo Bens Aviation Photography via Bryan Guy



Enjoying our few days of "sweater weather" here in Florida. 😂 High temps in the high 70s and low 80s this week. What is the high temp where you live? . . 🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂 PC: @photography_by_addy_ Crop/Jeans: @hollisterco Crop Jacket: @shein_us Shoes: @vans ~ 🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂🌞❄🍂 #fall #happyfall #sweaterweather #happy #teenager #november #climbingrocks #photoshoot #yamg1120 #sheinofficial #florida #hollister #vans #iyt11620 #fallinflorida #weather #dancingjayleigh


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Flashback Friday to this fun @feature.apparel photo shoot. This photo was taken a while ago, but the style is still fresh and fun! Time to break out this soft 🌹 sweatshirt for our Florida sweater weather. Shorts with sweatshirts is definitely a thing! . Since this shoot, I've joined the feature family! Use my code for 10% discount: JAYLEIGH10% They also have a fun pop up shop this Sunday in Clearwater! Check it out on their page! Use my code on their apparel in person too! @andrea.atdance will be there! . . 🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻 PC: @billkrautlerphotography Dancewear: @feature.apparel Andrea collection Use my code: JAYLEIGH10% Dance Friend: @tayli_legend~ 🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻🌹💃🏻 #ad #featureapparel #modeling #andreacarolaa #dancewear #dancefriends #andreacollection #sweatshirt #sweaterweather #featurefam #FEATUREFRIDAY #friday #friyay #friendfriday #clearwater #florida #popupshop #photoshoot #all_talent_feature #cropsweatshirt #dgcnfeature #modelshoot #dance #iyt112020 #flashbackfriday # dancemodels #matchingset #dancingjayleigh Repost @feature.apparel with @repostsaveapp ・・・ The Andrea Collection shines bright on these two, such a stunning duo!! Our bikers just go perfectly with both our matching sports bra and sweatshirt✨🤩 . . . #featurefam : @tayli_legend @dancing_jayleigh photographer: @billkrautlerphotography . Visit our website to indulge in elegant and stylish collections!


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Just sitting here thinking about the perks of being a sugarlulu girl. 💙 I have loved being a sugarlulu girl for going on 3 years now, in various roles! Overall, just being loyal to the brand and getting to know and support sugarlulu friends via insta is enough, but they also have model shoot and runway show opportunities. However as we know, in these times its not safe to get together in person, and @sugarlulu13 is always trying to find ways to keep the party going, which is truly amazing, because not everyone can travel, so it opened up opportunities for everyone! This past weekend they threw an amazing virtual party that included a sugarlulu runway show and celebrity meet and greets. All while chatting and playing games with sugarlulu friends! It was the best time I've had in a while, as I keep sharing pix and videos in my story! Scroll to see pix and videos of the event, where I got to ask each guest a question: @hannahgracecolin @sarah_georgiana @avakolker @jordanmatter Thank you sugarlulu for all you do for your girls! You are the best! . I highly recommend signing up to be a sugarlulu girl, no fees and no obligations. Great way to get introduced to the brand and find out about model squad boxes, and influencer and ambassador roles! If you sign up, tell them I referred you! @Dancing_jayleigh . If you have any questions about sugarlulu, don't hesitate to dm me! ~ 💙Jayleigh, Sugarlulu Influencer 💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙 PC: @claymorganphotography Use code: CMPJAY Shirt: @sugarlulu13 Use code: dancing_jayleigh for 25% off your first order~ 💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙🎉💙 Clay Morgan Photography offers outdoor, studio, powder, and rain room shoots across the country year-round. Please visit to see upcoming travel dates and reserve your session. Use my code: CMPJAY for 10% off a private or bestie session. #sugarlulumodelsquad #sweet #sugarlulu #iyt102820 #sugarluluinfluencer #dance #virtualparty #virtualrunway #celebritymeetandgreet #claymorganphotography #sarahg #jordanmatter #hannahgracecolin #avakolker #runway #meetandgreet #happy #dancingjayleigh

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